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Google Marketplace and Google Apps works on Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android

Posted by Charbax on 28th November 2009

We have had to wait a month and a half since the release for the full Google Experience to start being available and working on the Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android. Google had not certified the Archos on Android 1.5 for a WVGA 800×480 Google Experience, so the hope is that this certification will be signed by Google when Archos updates the installed Android version to 2.0 at some point in the next weeks.

For now, someone in the forum has posted instructions for how to install the full Google Experience on the Archos using the ADB developer debugging tools:, and JKK has posted a tutorial for how to install it on Windows:

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Archos 5 and 7 IMT hacking (last year’s generation) now officially enabled

Posted by Charbax on 27th November 2009

Archos 5 Special Developer Edition Firmware with Angrstrom Linux

Thanks to Archos hacker archilles building up a nice amount of pressure over the last couple of months with the “guy fawkes hack” in our forums, and thanks to our many many requests over the past few years, Archos has decided to officially release a new Special Developer Edition Firmware based on Angstrom Linux generated from a customized open embedded build. See the PDF file:

This firmware does void your warranty when installed, even if you later revert back to the normal firmware, so install it with precaution and check in the forums and in the wiki first for the latest status of this open source project before installing especially if you are a newbie.

Consider also, that Archos cannot support the full hardware acceleration of Multimedia playback in this Special Edition Firmware. At least that wouldn’t work yet in this initial proof of concept firmware released by Archos, so it is to be seen if there are open source and free tools that may or may not enable the DSP acceleration to playback up to 720p Mpeg4 Simple Profile, D1 H264, Mpeg2, Mp3, AAC, Flac, Ogg, WMV, WMA, WMV and more of the codecs that Archos for now only supports in the normal firmware.

My guess is that you may look forward to being able to run Android, Ubuntu, Qtopia, and Maemo Linux, even Chrome OS eventually, other than the Angstrom Linux of this proof of concept Hackers firmware.

You can discuss this in the Hackers forum:

When clicking to download this Angstrom Linux firmware at you will be prompted by this message:

By pressing I agree, I hereby acknowledge that:
1. By installing the Special Developer Edition firmware on a device, it will forever loose the capability of playing DRM (digital right management) protected content even if I restore it later to a legacy ARCHOS firmware.
2. Installing the Special Developer Edition firmware is considered by ARCHOS as a voiding of the warranty and ARCHOS declines all liability or responsibility for any issues resulting from installing this Special Developer Edition firmware.
3. The Special Developer Edition firmware is provided under the entire responsibility of whomever installs it and this firmware is not supported by ARCHOS.
4. ARCHOS strongly advises that only experts in the domain of embedded software development may install and use this Special Developer Edition firmware.
5. This software is delivered “as is.” Archos does not assume any responsibility or liability regarding this Special Developer Edition firmware.
6. The Special Developer Edition firmware is an open source software and falls under the legal conditions of the Angstöm distribution (please see the editor of the Angström distribution for legal responsibilities
7. ARCHOS does not assume any responsibility or liability regarding the use of the device sold under its brand.
8. ARCHOS does not assume any responsibility or liability regarding any intellectual and industrial property rights such as, but not limited to, patents, trademarks, copyrights, mask works, or trade secrets.

Forum user EINSTEIN_ has posted a small rundown on the changes at

If you want to see the Archos 5IMT hardware in action, you can watch my 5-part video review of the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet that I released last year: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5.

On you can buy the Archos 5 Internet Media Tablet (250GB) for $199 and the Archos 7 Internet Media Tablet (160GB) for $209:

Found via

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Archos will support Android 1.6 Donut by the end of October and provide a free upgrade to that!

Posted by Charbax on 17th September 2009

Steve Martin, representative of Archos in the UK, confirm in following awesome video walkthrough hands-on demonstration that Archos will provide an Android 1.6 Donut firmware upgrade by the end of October. The Android Donut 1.6 SDK release was officially released by Google only 2 days ago. So that leaves Archos engineers about a month to integrate that as an upgrade, which could provide Archos with automatic support for more Android applications more broadly as Android 1.6 Donut release introduces Google’s official support for WVGA 800×480 applications.

This video was posted at and found by teszou on the forum in this thread:

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Live Video from Archos Android Event by ArchosLounge/JBMM

Posted by Charbax on 15th September 2009

The event was streamed live on ustream.

Follow Real-Time entries using for Archos news using FriendFeed and our FriendFeed room:

Discuss all the Archos Android news in Real-time in the Forum:

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Real-time Archos coverage on friendfeed and twitter

Posted by Charbax on 4th May 2009

We have launched a real-time friendfeed account for all Archos related news and discussions at and a new twitter account at for updates. Here are some of my suggested instructions for you to start using it:

1. Sign In on (you can use your Google or Facebook account)

2. Subscribe to and start posting whatever you want in there (kind of like you would in a chat)

3. Install the friendfeed notifier on your Windows/Mac/Linux desktop and receive real-time popup notifications on your desktop when other users post in the channel. You can then easilly click to go reply and discuss the topic there.

4. If you think that your forum posts are very interesting for a broad friendfeed channel audience to look at anmd to get updates about, you are welcome to promote your threads on by simply explaining them briefly and linking to them.

5. If you have an Archos related blog, twitter account or anything like that, we can add your feed to and thus try to improve the amount of real-time coverage that we can all have for Archos related news, discussions, ideas and whatever else.

6. I am not saying that I believe this twitter/friendfeed stuff will work great in the future, I just think friendfeed looks a little more usable than twitter. Their new real-time AJAX interface backend could be really interesting to basically make some kind of mix between a Chat, random twittering, RSS aggregating Archos related feeds and discussing whatever actual topics are Archos related on the Internet. Any Archos user can post questions and get real-time answers on there. Promote the forum’s most interesting threads and discuss them there. Post new Archos Youtube videos as soon as they are made and plenty more. Eventually we can also record ArchosFans podcasts using audio, perhaps even live video streaming from events.

7. Eventually we will all subscribe to this channel on our Archos Android devices, which will then popup real-time notifications on our Archos HSDPA device everytime something new happens in the Archos universe. Later I expect friendfeed to also implement all kinds of relevancy filtering so you will be able to filter how much of the noise that you will want to be notified about in real-time.

You can discuss these features in the forum at

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Archos should release an SDK

Posted by Charbax on 28th January 2008

It is going to be interesting to see what Archos official reaction is going to be to last month hacking of the 604 WiFi, 704 WiFi, 605 WiFi and 705 WiFi:

What if Archos let people run whatever they want on the ARM side of the product and still keep full unhacked control of the DSP side of the device? This way hackers cannot interfere with DRM, Macrovision, codecs and such since the ARM processor wouldn’t be powerful enough to run different codecs, and the platform might not make it possible to brake DRM, Macrovision, plugins and other secured systems of the device?

Just as with the PMA430, Archos offered an SDK to develop stuff that could use the ARM core of the Texas Instruments DSP chip, and never let developers really use the DSP chip which does all the multimedia stuff.

Then perhaps, the next step would be Archos enabling through an SDK access to DSP stuff, such as enabling VOIP, live video-broadcasting, video-conferencing, web radio, but always making sure they keep unhacked control over DRM, Macrovision, plugins/software patents, and that Archos doesn’t facilitate any type of piracy.

I guess all this might be hard to manage, but I guess also it would be best if Archos could tap all the brain power from the software development community, perhaps even providing a monetization opportunity for people who would like to add the integration of third party software on the device and turn the Archos 4th and especially 5th generation into partly open Linux machines while still combining that with full access to all the types of secured and legal multimedia stuff that they are specialized in.

Question is, can Archos provide that balance? Can Archos prove to its partners that an official SDK doesn’t disrupt any of its contents, technological agreements, secured processes nor patent and software licensing agreements?

Apple seems to want to release their SDK environment for the iPhone and iPod Touch soon, so to counter that, I guess Archos probably should consider supporting third party software and support it with some SDK. But all that depends if Archos is able to keep its proprietary features under control and that Archos can prove that none of it should bother or disrupt any of Archos current content/technology/distribution partnerships but instead strengthen all of them.

Continue this discussion in the forum:

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Qtopia running on the 605 WiFi

Posted by Charbax on 10th January 2008

Bubu, who previously hacked of the PMA430, has just posted a snapshot of Qtopia running on the 605 WiFi:

thx to grond, sideways, _kb and other guys I’ve now a working qtopia env on the 605 wifi

will post a test image soon tomorrow or on friday…

we are there guys…

Posted by bubu at

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Archos 605 WiFi is hacked, (705 WiFi and 604 WiFi as well), happy new year

Posted by Charbax on 1st January 2008

User fiat hacked it in the forum:

More information at:

Posted to Slashdot:


and Digg:

Perhaps Archos reaction to this will be as Apple’s reaction to the iPhone hacks, to release a software development kit, which could possibly help speed up the release of more of the features of the firmware wishlist:

As far as I understand it, this might still be far from usable in a way that third party developers could add many new features through this hack, and also Archos could close this hole in a next firmware update.

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