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Posted by Charbax on December 6th, 2011

$129 Android webradio alarm clock, this can be a nice to have next to your bed. It can wake you up with your Google Music playlists, with your Spotify favorites, with your Pandora,, you can use Tune In webradio tuner. It can display trafic informations on a map for your region, show you news healines, pull RSS feed items etc.

  • Anonymous

    I hope the touchscreen on the home phone version of Archos Home Connect is better than the touchscreen on their clock radio– I’ve been working with the radio version since Saturday evening (when it showed up on my doorstep)– it SUCKS– even way worse than the Archos touchscreens of the past (and that’s saying something). It requires you to literally pick the thing up, holding firmly in one hand, while “touching” (jabbing FIRMLY) with the finger from the other hand, akin to holding a ball of hard clay and punching a hole in it with your finger– it requires THAT much pressure in order to get the screen on it to respond. HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE– and I suspect it’s how Archos got away with marking it with such a low price (US $149)– by using such sub-par digitizer/controller hardware. The visual quality of the screen is adequate, not outstanding, but hey, it’s only a 3.5 inch screen– it does the job for which it’s intended there– but the “human interface” design was completely botched– and that includes installing their so-called “firmware update” that it detected upon my first boot-up– I’m not confident any of their future updates will compensate for this glaring failure for such an otherwise potentially attractive insertion into the “tabletop clock radio” market.

  • Ramon (Netherlands)

    I just got this little thingy to replace my Logitech Squeezebox Radio. I started looking for something better after I found out that the SB really does not run without an internet connection (if the connection dies, it won’t auto-reconnect, no connection means the alarm won’t go off (!?!) and if the Logitech server is down you actually have a piece of junk cuz nutting works no more…).

    So, I am hoping to get a better alarm clock/internet radio using this Android based gadget.

    The touch screen is tiny and I have fat fingers so it can be difficult to operate the HC 35 without a stylus. This is actually the only disappointment about the device: no stylus. There is enough room for it in the device itself and the touchscreen can’t be properly used without it (if typing text or configuring it). The screen is just too small to comfortably use your fingers, the large icons work, but the apps themselves are hard to operate (the music player fi).

    I also had to read the manual to figure out how to get the screen to stay on: plug the device in and click the on/off switch once. If the device isn’t plugged in clicking it will put the device in standby mode which I find annoying since I use it mainly as a clock.. I mean, if I have the device working on batteries, I still want to be able to see the time form a distance without actually having to click the on/off button.

    The sound of this thing really can’t beat the SB, but that’s obvious for those small speakers. The sound it produces is awesome for its size, but it simply doesn’t have power to produce any significant bass.

  • Don

    I’ve had the Home Connect for a month now and the screen has started to distort and shake. Has this happened to anyone else? I rebooted the machine and the screen corrected itself but after another week and the screen is distorting and shaking the screen image again.
    Any ideas on how to fix this? Or should I send it back?

  • Don

    Archos don’t have a good name for touch screens.

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