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Archos G9 Tablets official $ USD pricing confirmed

Posted by Charbax on September 4th, 2011

Archos is releasing the G9 tablets worldwide in the coming weeks, scheduled for global release by the end of September. Here are the official $ USD prices:

Archos 80 G9:
8GB 1Ghz: $299
16GB 1.5Ghz: $329
250GB 1.5Ghz: $369

Archos 101 G9:
8GB 1Ghz: $369
16GB 1.5Ghz: $399
250GB 1.5Ghz: $469

For the confirmation if 8GB 1Ghz versions have 512MB RAM and 16GB and 250GB 1.5Ghz versions have 1GB RAM, you have to wait another few days or weeks for Archos to give us an official confirmation on the RAM capacity. As far as I understand, they may still be testing out the different types of RAM and capacities based on the latest Honeycomb 3.2 software most optimized for the high memory bandwidth of the OMAP4460 processor, to determine which type and capacity of RAM to use. Though these 1.5Ghz tablets are probably right now coming out of those factories so Archos should be able to confirm this at any moment now. Let’s try again tomorrow and the day after, when the engineers are not on their week-end break and can give us an answer.

  • Nards Barley

    Archos “8GB 1Ghz: $369″
    Toshiba Thrive (either 8gb or 16) has been selling of late during sales between $330 and $369. I am not sure the above Archos model is more attractive than these Thrive models, unless the kickstand and 3G add-on has signifcant value to the buyer.    

  • Lavon56

    I am sooooo excited about these tablets. Do you have any word on who will be selling them?

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  • Tmc80tmc

    This is overpriced… $300-$470. Well, there probably will be a price war coming soon because there are too many tablet makers releasing these products in the MILLIONS of quantitty and they can’t sit in warehouses forever (in Asia or elsewhere). Neverheless, you can get 4x the value in a netbook/laptop compared to tablets. Something to consider.. (4gb ram, 1gb video memory 500gb hard drive hdmi output etc and all for under $500)

  • Charbax

    This is half the weight of a netbook, half the thickness, runs 2x longer on a 4x smaller battery, unlike Netbooks it has HDMI output, it has much better video codecs support, a built-in USB host port (for the USB 3G stick not to have to stick out of the design), it’s much less hot, it’s much less noisy, connects instantly to wifi, 3G for web browsing. ARM Powered devices are much better than those that are Intel powered.

    Archos is always the best value on the market. You cannot find a cheaper better tablet, that is just a fact. You forget to mention that the $469 top of the line Archos 101 G9 is more than 50% faster than competition, and comes with 8x more storage with a 250GB hard drive in there.

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