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Archos 7 Home Tablet advertisement

Posted by Charbax on 27th July 2011

geekman314 posted this hilarious Android advertisement featuring the Archos 7 Home Tablet vs iPhone:

You can comment about this video here in the forum:

Do you think you can do better? Submit your own Archos advertising videos, upload it on your YouTube and let us know about it in the forum and we will post it here.

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Archos 80 and 101 G9 at 16GB and 250GB to use OMAP4460 1.5Ghz

Posted by Charbax on 19th July 2011

Archos confirms that there was a typo on their website over the weekend. All Archos 80 G9 in 16GB and 250GB and Archos 101 G9 in 16GB and 250GB will use the OMAP4460 1.5Ghz processor. Thus 50% faster than the iPad2 and Tegra2 Honeycomb tablets such as Xoom and Asus Transformer.

Look forward to more technical specs and prices to be detailed over the next weeks officially.

You can discuss the Archos G9 series in the forum:

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Best Tablet in the World: Archos 80 and 101 G9, my first hands-on

Posted by Charbax on 13th July 2011

I got lucky enough to be able to play around with the new Archos G9 tablets for a few minutes, they are awesome. Here are some of the features that I think makes this probably one of the best tablets in the world when it comes out in September:
- 50% faster than iPad2/Xoom/Transformer/Tab101/etc
- Optional unlocked $49 3G Dongle slides in the back
- Built-in kick-stand
- HDMI-out (1080p All Codecs High Profile High Bitrates) with most powerful Video/Audio/Photo apps on any device with automatic meta-data and Upnp/Samba streaming support
- 2x USB Host (one is dedicated for 3G Dongle)
- Honeycomb 3.2 with official Google Marketplace pre-installed
- Most importantly, starts at $279 for 8″, $349 for 10.1″, there will be all kinds of options though, 16GB Flash or 250GB hard drive (the 250GB version is likely around $100 more than the 16GB flash version, to be confirmed)

This is my first video showing how those tablets are. Look forward to many more videos that I will post about the Archos G9 if I can get some review samples at one point in the next few weeks until and after they are released in September worldwide.

I would have liked to see them do 5″ and 7″ G9 tablets as well to be more pocketable (pants 5″ or jacket 7″ pockets), but for now, Archos has nothing to announce regarding more sizes for the G9 series, it’s open to speculation, my speculation is that it may be the reason for them to have to wait for Honeycomb and Ice Cream Sandwich to come and support more screen sizes officially and also it may be a question of production capacity and limiting the amount of skews they release.

The OMAP4460 that comes in the Archos G9 series is quite amazing. It can do 1080p at 60 frames per second, for sure all codecs high profile high bitrates at 30 frames per second. It’s got an awesome overclocked Imagination GPU for advanced 3D graphics making HDMI out 3D games smooth and totally making this a potential up to N64/PS/DC emulator console replacement on your HDTV. HD Netflix can be supported. You can easily do 720p video conferencing, even 1080p video conferencing can be supported if a 1080p USB Webcam can be made to work on this Android.

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Gen8 2.3.81 firmware released

Posted by Charbax on 5th July 2011

Version 2.3.81 – July 5th, 2011 – download it here


* Flash: integrate flash plugin version (can be uninstalled)
* Subtitle wizard: allow to associate a subtitle to a video (launched by a long press on a video file in video browser)
* Audio player: solve some seldom force to close
* Audio: increase compatibility with android applications (e.g. games)
* Video: avoid crashes when playing truncated or broken MKV files
* Video: fix bulgarian subtitles detection
* Wi-Fi: fix unit rebooting in loop sometimes when waking up from suspend leaving Wi-Fi on in nomadic situations
* Battery estimation: report 100% at full charge (power led blinking) after removing the charger
* Battery estimation: provide more accurate battery charge information at boot for A70it hard drive model
* Media library: purge media library entries relative to the sdcard at sdcard removal
* Internationalization: include better Russian translations

You can discuss this firmware update in the forum:

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