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Arnova 10 capacitive RK2918 to be released in May

Posted by Charbax on April 14th, 2011

Here’s the Arnova 10 with capacitive touch screen and the RK2918 ARM Cortex-A8 processor. At around $229 MSRP it could possibly become one of the best value 10.1″ ARM Cortex-A8 capacitive tablets on the market. It’s thin, uses most of the nice design features of the Archos 101 Internet Tablet released in October 2010, but removes the kick-stand (to lower cost), replaces some of the metallic design features with plastics (to lower cost), removes HDMI output (I need to let them confirm this, perhaps that was just removed on the prototype). This device uses the new 1.2Ghz Rockchip processor, with 1080p video codecs support (possibly all codecs at up to over 30mbitps high profile playback), new better graphics performance, but most importantly, this awesome 10.1″ tablet may be sold around $229/229€ at retail MSRP (with capacitive and rk2918), and there is a good chance Rockchip should be getting access to the Honeycomb source code soon (comon Google, give it to them sooner rather than later! (I have no idea if Rockchip has Honeycomb yet or not, I will try to interview Rockchip again about Honeycomb at China Sourcing Fair tomorrow)).

  • Nards-Barley

    So it seems Archos and Coby will be battling it out in the lower end niche. I suspect I will be an owner of an Asus Transformer tablet by the time this tablet and/or the Coby releases. It is is starting to become apparent that owning a range of different sized tablets is going to be the norm for many people anyway.

  • Luis Félix

    Please let us know if the arnova 10 capacitive will have the android market and tell us the full specs, like the memory ram and battery, when you know of course.
    If it has the market and 512MB or more of ram I’ll buy one for sure.

  • Beruli

    but removes the kick-stand (to lower cost)…seriously,

    How much could a kickstand actually cost?

  • Charbax

    It costs in manufacturing time and complexity. Also, it’s one of the main reason for products to be returned with RMA as a kick-stand is hard or near impossible to design unbreakable, so they can save money on not having those users return devices with evt broken kick-stands. Also look out there, nobody does kick-stands that’s cause it’s really hard to design well and it actually costs money to build afterwards.

  • Dnovakos

    Will it be released in the USA in May?

  • Anonymous

    An Arnova 10 is already on sale in EU countries @ . The type of screen isn’t specified. Is there some product code that distinguishes the old and new versions of the device in stores?

  • Nards-Barley

    Countdown to the release of the Archos 10 capacitive!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Impatientlywaiting

    Pre-orders now available in the USA. Got my 4GB 10.1 (Again, didn’t say it was capacitive or resistive) but the model listed on my reciept for the pre-order was:

  • Impatientlywaiting

    also noted the pre-order price was $181.00 US.

  • Nards-Barley

    If you are talking about the one from B&H, it is not the model mentioned in this post.

  • Anonymous

     Well the loop stand on my N800 seems to have survived these years, but that archos “toothpick” looks like it could break from a heavy glare. If they had made it wider, and perhaps out of metal, then i think it would take more abuse.

  • Anonymous

     In the video the device has android 2.3.1 installed so maybe keep an eye on that. The one on sale at pixmania seems to have 2.1, same as listed on the arnovatech page.

  • Nards-Barley
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