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Arnova 10, $199 10.1” Android Tablet

Posted by Charbax on February 25th, 2011

Here is a world exclusive video unveiling of the new Arnova 10 entry-level 10.1” Android tablet:

This may become the world’s cheapest ARM Cortex-A8 1Ghz RK2918, 10.1” capacitive Android tablet on the market (I filmed an early pre-production prototype of it with capacitive/rk29 combo at CES here). Until about April, Arnova 10 is released now as a 10.1” resistive ARM9 600Mhz RK2818 tablet. The price remains $199 in the USA, 199€ in Europe (consider all European prices always include ~20% VAT). Look for a slightly different model number once the capacitive/rk29 version starts shipping. They will shift to it as soon as 10.1” capacitive and rk29 components are ready/stable and mass manufactured, the Chinese suppliers are working as fast as they can, this should be in a couple months.

Archos is the second largest tablet maker in France according to GfK sales numbers, having 22% market share, far in front of Samsung with 4%, 67% for iPad. Arnova is a new brand from Archos based in Hong Kong, that uses the design, manufacturing and distribution strengths of ARchos but will remain a separate brand for the cheaper $100-$200 Rockchip based devices (see the press release here). The idea here is to get these excellent valued Rockchip based designs to more people in Europe and the USA. But Arnova is also more extensively going to be promoted for developing countries as people there enjoy cheaper stuff. But people enjoy cheaper stuff everywhere.

Rockchip is doing excellent work optimizing cost in their entry level SoC designs, and are doing stable hardware optimizations with the latest versions of Android that can be adapted for the given ARM architectures that they use. Archos has probably been the top selling Rockchip maker thus far with the Archos 7 Home Tablet massively sold in every major electronics store in the USA and Europe these past 12 months (go check your local Staples, Best Buy, etc.. it’s probably there), and they plan to further extend that kind of reach with their new Arnova branding.

As it stands right now with Rockchip, Eclair is the furthest they can go for ARM9 RK2818 based devices (Donut for their older ARM9 RK2808 without graphics acceleration), and Gingerbread is the furthest they can go with ARM Cortex-A8 RK2918 based devices. But who knows, Google may announce tomorrow Honeycomb support for every popular ARM architecture used in any previously certified or not certified Android tablets out there, even including the cheapest Rockchip designs. I asked some Google people at MWC, including in my interview with Honeycomb designer Matias Duarte, they told me Honeycomb has no minimum hardware requirements, which hopefully also means other than opening Honeycomb source code for all to use, that Google will also allow for Google Marketplace on all devices without requiring stuff like compass/gps/3g, and hopefully Google also plans to dedicate resources to help all SoC platform makers and device maker with getting great and fully hardware optimized new firmwares with Honeycomb and Marketplaces onto all these cheaper devices as well (evt with Holographic UI effects disabled on low hardware specs).

$800 for a Honeycomb tablet is a lot of money for some people. Sure enough, the Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 Tegra2 Honeycomb experience is awesome, but a lot of people prefer paying 4x less if they can get a decent ARM Cortex-A8 Honeycomb experience, if Google and companies like Arnova just allow consumers to have that choice.

Price: $199 in USA, 199€ in Europe (consider all European prices always include ~20% VAT)
Capacity: 4GB (or 8GB) with MicroSD slot
OS: Android 2.1 Eclair (on RK2818), Gingerbread (on RK2918 version available ~April), Honeycomb? (depends on Google/Rockchip)
Display: 10.1″ 1024×600 touch screen (resistive now, capacitive version available ~April) , 16 million colors
Video playback (on current RK2818 model): H264 up to 720p 30fps 5mbitps, Mpeg4 30fps 2.5mbitps, RMVB up to 720p 30fps 2.5mbitps, in these extensions: .avi, .mp4, .mkv, .mov, .flv (RK2918 version available ~April may add 1080p and higher bitrates support)
Audio playback: mp3, wav, ape, ogg, flac
Photo: jpeg, bmp, gif, png
Interfaces: USB 2.0 Slave MSC, USB 2.0 Host MSC, MicroSD slot
Wireless: WiFi b/g
Other: built-in speaker, microphone, G-sensor, front-facing VGA camera
Battery runtime: TBC music, up to 6h video
Size: 272×152.3×13.5mm (10.7″x6″x0.5″)
Weight: 570gr (20.1oz)

  • Camhostage

    Wow, awesome scoop, Charbax.

    I was shocked by the pricing of Gen8 (there are cheaper devices out there, but most of those “Craptablets” are junk parts good mostly for hackers.) This Arnova series of tablets is insane. I’m really happy that Archos is so aggressively pursuing the bargain-price market of tablets, as a cheap-assed tech consumer (I break things a lot) the pricing of the Xoom made me not happy of the direction of this market.

    Ideally, the Arnova line will allow Archos to explore higher quality options with Gen9. I’m desperate to see them start to deal with somebody like PixelQi for a sunlight-friendly tablet, and I’d also like to see DVR functionality and FM radio come back as well as Honeycomb integration. I’m nervous about Archos having to split support across three product lines (Arnova, Gen8, Gen9, plus the old HTs get upgrades now and then) but it’s exciting to see the new developments.

  • OneLove

    This is exactly what I was looking for just to play videos and surf the web on trips. I had the 101 but I couldn’t justify storing in the closet when I wasn’t traveling so i sold it. I hope the RK2918 has all of the video and audio codec support as the 101. Looking forward to April!

  • OneLove

    This is exactly what I was looking for just to play videos and surf the web on trips. I had the 101 but I couldn’t justify storing in the closet when I wasn’t traveling so i sold it. I hope the RK2918 has all of the video and audio codec support as the 101. Looking forward to April!

  • Castro

    Thought this site was for Archos

  • azmo

    where is flash for gen8?
    instead of living up to their promises theyre splitting their work up into new “budget” tablets.

  • Not impressed

    Looks like a semi-Archos branded China tablet – probably with al the usual China tablet warts: slow cpu, flakey firmware and no support.

    Not sure why Archos are doing this as it will compete against their own tablets and may foul their brand name.

  • Arctablet
  • Karaokesuite

    Archos forgot the 3.5mm audio jack output!!!!!!!

    I want something with mic input, headphones output and led display. Old mp3 mplayers have this features.

  • Anonymous

    When will we be able to buy these in the U.S.? And where? Hey for two hundred bucks I would like to try one out. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the heads up on the Arnova 10

  • iPhone Microscope

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    it is so knowledgeable.
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