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France: Archos has 22% Tablet marketshare

Posted by Charbax on February 8th, 2011

According to French market analyst GfK, Archos is now the second biggest tablet maker on the French market, far in front of Samsung (4%), Toshiba (3%), Huawei, Viewsonic and others. Sure enough Apple has the biggest market share with 67%, but I think that’s mostly due to Apple having more cash for manufacturing and distribution. If Archos had been able to spend more money producing more units and having better stock availability at all resellers and never run out of stock during these past 3 months, then I think Archos would probably be number 1 in market share, even in front of Apple.


As I run the biggest Archos fansite community at and I have been publishing the earliest and most popular video reviews of Archos products for over 6 years, publishing the most popular and earliest videos of Archos full Tablet line such as the 70 Internet Tablet, 7 Home Tablet, 101 Internet Tablet, 32 Internet Tablet, 43 Internet Tablet, I may be biased. But I am sure that if all stores had enough Archos in stock to satisfy the demand for tablets over these past 3 months, Archos would sell even more than Apple.

What matters to the consumer is the value proposition. What features they can get for what price. Archos newest Gen8 Android tablets are about half the price of the iPad and provide more features.

  • Guysim

    This is thed problem with Archos…they never seem to be able to produce enough stock.

  • azmo

    dont forget that there were other severe problems:
    - delayed release date!
    - delayed froyo release date (although they advertised it)
    - STILL delayed official flash release (ALTHOUGH THEY ADVERTISED IT!)

    im my oppinion, this has hurt them at least as much as their stock problems did.
    because they do obviously not keep their promise of adding flash, I will really think twice (if considering it at all) about buying another device from them. they have not behaved like a serious company.

  • Charbax

    Those technical delays didn’t slow down their sales even a bit. And you can easily find and use the Droid X version of Flash with decent performance until we wait for Archos to get the permission from Adobe to release their official flash support.

  • attila_toth

    Nice to see smaller vendors doing well.

  • ArchosOwner

    Seriously Charbax you are focusing on stocks and sales instead of customer satisfaction, we the end users.The truth is Archos Gen8 was like a trap getting most people to buy a semi mediocre device then….”oh by the way there is a delay in froyo”, no flash still awaiting adobe validation, limiting system partition to a couple of megs when there is so much gig storage which limits how much apps you can install – ridiculous.Yes those of us who are tech savy can work around but how about the lame man who is stuck.Do not even compare they trying to out sell apple, unless they are serious with their work forget it, this year Archos will not be able to add an inch to their marketshares as new tablet zoom pass them with better features and TAKE THEIR WORK SERIOUSLY! Sorry please do not take it personal its just the truth.

  • azmo

    @ ArchosOwner: I agree.
    @Charbax: Of course there are ways to get around it.
    STILL, if I buy a car with “GPS navigation” I want to navigate IMMEDIATELY after I bought it. I do not want to wait for a feature I paid for until the product I bought has halved its value and/or until I have already replaced it with a more up to date product.
    I bought the A70 with 2.2 and flash. I do not get flash, but paid for it. I did not pay for being told to install some unofficial hack in oder to compensate for a deficiency that should not have been there in the first place. I have half a mind to call for a class-action suit..

  • MarkP

    No surprise here, if you think about it. Archos has been producing ‘tablets’ for years, if you consider their PMP’s (my first exposure was the 605 WIFI, which I still use and love), so they have been able to leverage their core competencies to deliver a wide variety of products in this category for a long period of time. This is a natural evolution for them. The only thing the don’t have is size and scalability like the bigger players, otherwise the could likely have an even larger market share.

  • Jalenirons

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