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Archos 7 Home Tablet teared down by EETimes at ARM Techcon 2010

Posted by Charbax on 23rd November 2010

Before interviewing me about my interest for Archos devices, EETimes editors Brian Fuller and Patrick Mannion went ahead and opened up the Archos 7 Home Tablet in front of a large audience of about 100 people at the ARM Techcon 2010 exhibitor area theater stage. They talked about the features of some of the processors that are used. You can watch the whole presentation video here.

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Archos 35 Vision released for 99€ (probably $99 in USA)

Posted by Charbax on 23rd November 2010

For people who just want multimedia features at the size of an iPod Touch and no Android/WiFi stuff, here is the (likely) $99 Archos 35 Vision, now being released in Europe.

Yup it includes HDMI, 720p full codecs support (to be tested and confirmed in the forums) battery runtime for up to 5 hours of video playback. Pretty cool for $99 to $129 msrp huh?

Summary of the iPod Touch competitors to be on the market:

Archos 24 Vision (4GB) for $59 MSRP, mostly just for audio and basic video stuff, no touch screen
Archos 3 Vision (8GB) for $79 MSRP older video playback, no HD/HDMI, no Android/WiFi/Bluetooth/USB-host stuff
Archos 28 Internet Tablet (4GB) for $99 MSRP has a smaller screen, no HD playback, no HDMI output.
Archos 35 Vision (8GB, microsd) for $129 MSRP has 3.5″ touch screen, 720p/HDMI, but no Android/WiFi/Bluetooth/USB-host/camcorder stuff.
Archos 43 Vision (8GB, microsd) for $129 MSRP has 4.3″ touch screen, basic video playback
Archos 50 Vision (probably starts around $149) has 5″ touch screen, 720p/HDMI, 250GB/500GB hard drive and microsd storage
Archos 32 Internet Tablet (8GB) for $149 MSRP has a slightly smaller screen, no HD playback, no HDMI output.
Archos 43 Internet Tablet (16GB, microsd) for $249 MSRP Android and has all HD/HDMI/HD camcorder features

Also rumored:
Archos 32 Internet Tablet (8GB) with MicroSD slot instead of second set of volume buttons, possibly to replace current A32IT
Archos 35 Internet Tablet (8GB) possibly with capacitive amoled screen

I would recommend they try to reach these prices:
A24V: $49
A3V: $59
A28IT: $79
A35V: $99
A43V: $99
A32IT-with-MicroSD: $129
A35IT-with-capacitive-amoled: $149
A50V-250GB: $149
A50V-500GB: $179
A43IT: $199

To each his own.

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