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Archos 101 Internet Tablet is now available in Germany

Posted by Charbax on October 22nd, 2010

Some users over at the German forums are reporting that they have been able to walk down and buy the Archos 101 Internet Tablet at the major German retailer Saturn in Frankfurt Germany. Here are some of the pictures that have been posted:

Archos 101 Internet Tablet in the box Archos 101 Internet Tablet Archos 101 Internet Tablet

Here are some of the initial user reports:

1. The Display is very good. Its reflecting yes but the Quality is very good. The contrast is good and realy bright.

2. Touch is fantastic. Its a very big difference between resistive and capazitive. Everything instantly reacts and you hit the smallest buttons precizely.

3. The Android is very well fitted to the operating control of the Archos. Everything seams thought-out, the Navigation is very easy to manage.

4. Wlan does work instantly very well. After you enter the SSID, the passwort and IPs the Network was avaible in secounds

5. UPnP (the most important kriteria for me) does work instantly. I opened Media-Player, did select Storage, then external Storage/UPnP and then the Archos did display my Storage and offer Streams (Music, Video and Pictures). One click at my music title and it did play instantly. Very well done. Thats what I have dreamt of!

6. Sound is good! No noise, whatsoever. With headphones realy great.

7. All of the manufactoring is faultless. The body unit is very high quality and stable. It is very lightwight!

8. The Archos Market does work instantly. No Register or anything needed.

The Archos 101 Internet Tablet can be pre-ordered at Amazon Germany for 299€ and it should be available at Amazon US soon for $299. I don’t know exactly how soon the Archos 101 Internet Tablet will be broadly available through all the worldwide resellers, but given these first sales happening with Saturn in Germany, it shouldn’t be long at all before all the worldwide resellers get it in stock, keep an eye on the forum for when it starts to become available:

You can discuss this news in the forum:

  • Beechoo8

    Nice news,
    Does the users report wich version of android is loaded on the tablet ?

  • keyl

    I can't wait until I can pick one of these up in the US!

  • Ameriswede

    I wonder if there will be some word processor app for it? I just ordered one in Sweden and I am told it will ship on November 10th. Would love to just be able to type light docs with it.

  • leisterburnham

    If you look at the first picture closer, there is a sticker saying “Attention: Android 2.1″…

  • Joeblow

    Aarrgghh.. wheres mine!!

  • Lisnet2000

    They will be sold on november 5 at Best buy canada i think it will be the same in US with Android2.2 for the retail price of $299 for 8gig and 349$ for the 16gig in $ cdn that's mean it's a lot cheaper in Canada than in Europe and cheaper than US. I think lot of store take preorder

  • Robmesser

    I hope Archos comes through on the delivery. I remember a few years back their MP3 players had a real snag with delivery in the US…so much so that everyone I know canceled their order. With that being said I cannot wait for my Archos 101 to arrive! It hits all the right points for a tablet..price, aesthetics…processor power…battery life…it also looks really responsive. I think this may very well be a huge hit for them if they can get people to hold it and experience it. With the holiday season around the corner and the popularity of Android this could be the next Acer Aspireone (which by some accounts got the whole netbook craze going).

  • lipper2000

    Where did you hear it would be available at bestbuy november 5 for 299?

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