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Archos 70 Internet Tablet Review

Posted by Charbax on October 16th, 2010

First unboxing and review of the Archos 70 Internet Tablet, a $275 alternative to the $499 iPad and the $599 Samsung Galaxy Tab. I was amazed by how thin and light it was when I first took it out of the box, at 300 grams, it nearly feels like it’s an empty case without any electronics inside.

Archos 70 Internet Tablet

The capacitive touch screen on an Archos tablet is cool, I need to get used to that. Hopefully I will learn to type on it as fast as I do with my finger-tips/nails on my resistive screens. My plan this winter is to carry this 7″ Archos Android tablet with me everywhere in the inside of my jacket pocket. In this video, I try to show you multi-touch, web browsing speed, email, facebook, Google Maps Street View, Live wallpapers, video playback, HDMI output and more.

This review model is still running Android 2.1, while Archos is putting finishing touches to their faster and more optimized Android 2.2 firmware, hopefully to be ready in like days or so for when this device and its 101 big-brother actually ships worldwide. As I showed you in my previous video, Google Marketplace works on these Archos Android tablets using the gApps4Archos.apk one-click installation file. All codecs up to H264 high profile high bitrate 720p MKV works even on HDMI output (still to be tested and optimized in firmware). It’s only 300 grams (vs 380 grams Galaxy Tab and 680 grams iPad).

Pictures available at Picasa:
Archos 70 Internet Tablet Archos 70 Internet Tablet vs Archos 43 Internet Tablet Archos 70 Internet Tablet vs Archos 43 Internet Tablet Archos 70 Internet Tablet vs Archos 43 Internet Tablet Archos 70 Internet Tablet vs Sony PRS-650

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  • Bossyman15

    Is this already out for sale in USA?

  • Charbax

    Soon, maybe within days..

  • Scarabé

    Very nice surprise this Tablet !

  • Zachary Santer

    whoop whoop!

    waiting to order from this site

  • JC

    Very nice and good tablet. 7 inch is the right size for me. I expect we can touch them for real very soon. In France, we expect it for the end of october.

  • Lindarne

    how much RAM does it have?

    no one has mentioned anything about it.

    though i agree. this looks really nice.

    really might be my first tablet :-p

  • wumps13

    I think that i am going to buy my first archos soon with this 7″ tablet !
    Hope it's going to be available as soon as possible… It's already very nice with 2.1 so it will be even faster with froyo.
    With the android app store access custumer should finally found they way to buy an archos this year..

  • Ps

    Archos 7 vs. Archos 70
    What ist the difference between Archos 7 & Archos 70 ??


  • Charbax

    Archos 704 WiFi – released in 2006, ARM11
    Archos 705 WiFi – released in 2007, ARM11
    Archos 7 Internet Media Tablet – released in 2008, ARM Cortex A8 65nm
    Archos 7 Home Tablet – released in early 2010, ARM9, $179
    Archos 70 Internet Tablet – released now, ARM Cortex A8 45nm, capacitive screen, $275

  • Charbax

    I think it's 256MB RAM, and I think it's enough for Android 2.2 which manages RAM better than previous Android versions.

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  • matw01

    is that the flash model or the 250gb hard drive version?

  • Lindarne

    i'm not sure. look at the latest phones.

    every high-ender comes with 512 or thereabout.

    granted, many of them also heavy skin overlays but even the american G2 with almost no skin does.

    maybe more than 256 isn't needed, but it would sure be nice to have.

    i seem to push my x10 (v1.6) 384mb to the limit often.

    charbax who did this review should be able to see this in the system settings.

    and i kind of hope he will and make a quick comment of it.

  • Lindarne

    oh. sorry, i just noticed your name…

    so it IS 256mb?

    kind regards and thanks for the good review.

    i'm just a few days from purchasing this one because of it :-)

  • Nick

    Can’t wait to get mine!

  • consultingforme

    I have enjoyed my Archos 70 Internet Tablet. I recommend getting the Cinema Plugin to add more video codecs.

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