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Thanks FCC, Archos 32 pictures are out

Posted by Charbax on August 10th, 2010

Wow, check this out, this is the new cheapest Android ARM Cortex A8 device in the world. Archos Gen8 has hardware buttons for Android Menu, Home, Back and Search/OK functions!

Here are more pictures showing the hardware buttons and design of this new awesome $149 ARM Cortex A8 45nm based Android device. Consider, this is Android 2.2 experience with OpenGL acceleration starting below $149 without the need to signup for 2 year contracts with any carrier. 3G access can be had using Mifi or through Bluetooth tethering.

It has a volume rocker and some power/charging LED or buttons:

The headphones jack (which doubles as composite video output with the right cable), microphone emplacement (or input), another power button or LED and the mini-USB or micro-USB connector:

The user interface of Android on this $149 device is similar to the previous generation Archos 5 Internet Tablet, but consider that Archos is preparing Android 2.1 firmware upgradable to Android 2.2 for this device. See that the Archos Media Center features which allow full video and audio codecs playback is provided through the Archos Media Center Widget at the bottom of the Android user interface. The multimedia part available as the AMC widget is the core of Archos customization of the Android user interface.

The back seems to be easily openable, which may or may not provide access to an eventual MicroSD card slot that may or may not be present there on the back of the device, to be confirmed. It may just be the opening for the volume rocker buttons. Otherwise while $149 would be the price of the 8GB built-in storage version, I think it would be fair to estimate that for $199 one could get the 32GB version of this device.

You can discuss these pictures in the forum:

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  • Yest

    Looks like the battery could be replaced on this unit, unlike Archos 5IT, right? My biggest concern with 5IT was the un-replaceable battery.

  • justinbryan

    Looking amazing and i think it is the best affordable android smartphone launched ever in smartphone history. All features are awesome. When is it available for sale?

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