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Archive for July 22nd, 2010 review: Archos 3cam vision exceeds expectations

Posted by Charbax on 22nd July 2010

Tim Gideon, reviewer at PC Magazine is rather impressed with the value proposition that Archos is now bringing with the release of the Archos 3cam vision to the sub-$100 Portable Media Player market:

With a sleek design and an intuitive, touch-screen-based user interface, the Archos 3cam vision ($99.99 direct) exceeds expectations.

The Archos 3cam vision may not be a masterpiece, but it raises the bar for budget players.

Overall, the Archos 3cam vision can’t touch the iPod nano or iPod touch or touch in terms of grace, ease of use, and overall quality. But this player is far less expensive than either one. Anytime you can get a well-built device with 8GB of storage for less than $100, it’s a good deal. The extra features on the 3cam vision may not knock your socks off, but they work well enough to be considered pros, and remember that the stainless steel version of the Apple iPod shuffle, with its dearth of features (or even a screen), costs the same as the 3cam vision. If you aren’t married to iTunes and have the patience for a touch-screen with some sensitivity issues, the Archos 3cam vision is a worthy budget option.

Archos 3cam vision 8GB = $99
iPod Nano 8GB = $149
iPod Touch 8GB = $199

I believe this Archos 3cam vision is an awesome value for the market until Archos is able to provide Android based devices at that size, as the QVGA 2.8″ one that is rumored, with possibly better than those hardware features and at the same kind of price even. I don’t know if video playback on the Archos 3cam vision has been improved to support DVD resolution XviD playback.

Read the full review at:,2817,2366858,00.asp

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