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Android 2.0 hacked on Archos 5 Internet Tablet

Posted by Charbax on May 11th, 2010

dm8tbr of does it again, here is Android 2.0 booting on the Special Edition Firmware for the Archos 5 Internet Tablet:

Here are some details published at

We are proud to be the first ones to have a public preview of Android 2.0 on 7th generation Archos devices (Archos5IT).
Mind you, this is not an Archos build and none of the multimedia functionality would work right now. It just shows that even with the current Linux kernel the device is able to boot an Android 2.0 user-space and bring up the UI. I’ll repeat this. If Archos releases an Android 2.0 firmware it will be very much different!

Given the ease with which I was able to modify an existing build of Android 2.0 to run on my device and get rid of most of the error messages – I have to say I have no idea why nobody else has done this yet. But this is kind of symptomatic for the Archos “community”. The loudest to cry out and demand but no one is even able to get their behind up and try it themselves. It took me less than an hour to have the GUI up and running.

One major downside at the moment is that the touchscreen driver is not cooperating. If someone wants to help and try to make it work – please contact dm8tbr.

Find the release here:

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