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Firmware 1.7.71 released

Posted by Charbax on February 11th, 2010

You can Download the Firmware 1.7.71 at

The changelog is following:

Version 1.7.71 – February 11th, 2010

* Cell phone tethering: add DUN and PAND bluetooth support for connection and automatic detection
* Cell phone tethering: add one click enable/disable shortcut in “Power control” widget
* System Monitor: a new application to kill background processes, list system alarms responsible of waking up the product and “wakelocks” preventing device to sleep.
* GPS diagnostic: a new application to monitor satellite reception levels
* Storage: add FAT32 support for internal storage, with capability to reformat device in FAT32 (settings>about device->repair and formatting tools options). Note that if you choose to reformat your device in FAT32, file size will be limited to 4GB which is incompatible with most of the full length HD movie file size. Use of FAT32 filesystem format is not recommended for hard disk based products.
* Archos Media Center widget: faster launch of media center applications
* Video: allow volume autogain for files played from a network shares
* Video: fix some MP4, WMV9 HD and MPEG1 files not playing
* Calculator: add clear button in menu
* File browser: file overwrite does not freeze UI anymore
* Keyboard: fix a wrong letter in Android russian keyboard
* System: fixes device power off when time is changed in the past
* System: better handling of media center application restart

With this new firmware, power users can now edit the wifi configuration files in ADB mode to experiment with WPA-EAP and adhoc WiFi support. Instructions for how to do that are in the forum: and in the wiki:

You can discuss this in the forum:

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