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Dual-boot on Archos 5 Internet Tablet now enabled officially

Posted by Charbax on February 5th, 2010


Just like a PC, the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet can be freely programmed in alternative ways in addition to the applications that can be created for the Android platform. To have total control of your Internet Tablet, ARCHOS has opened up this device, thus allowing creative minds to program their own tablet, or create what could be the tablet of the future.

Skilled developers and programmers can now choose to switch over to a true standard Linux environment as offered by the Ångström Linux distribution. Developers can put this on their ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet devices and join other enthusiasts who are experimenting with various ideas and interfaces based on the Linux operating system.

Read more about the Special Developer Edition firmware for the Archos 5 Internet Tablet on:

Read more about the Ångström Linux distribution at:

Discuss this in the forum:

Let’s have some fun!

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