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We will be covering Archos news from CeBIT here

Posted by Charbax on 28th February 2010

Check back within a couple of days, we will be providing you with full video coverage of all the Archos news from CeBIT 2010 right here on

You will also be able to find about 50 videos of the best products shown at CeBIT 2010 on my other website

You can discuss this video-coverage at

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Texas Instruments 65nm OMAP3430 vs 45nm OMAP3630

Posted by Charbax on 24th February 2010

The performance of these Texas Instruments processors is very relevant to us Archos Fans. In this video I interview Atul Aggarwal, Director of Product Marketing at Texas Instruments, about the performance, hardware acceleration, software support for their awesome OMAP3 series of processors.

Android 2.1 is thus said to have been “available for developpers” just only about 2 weeks ago and it is demonstrated to run beautifully on both OMAP3430 based Zoom2 and the OMAP3630 Zoom3 development devices.

OMAP3430 is similar to the more powerful OMAP3440 that Archos is using in the Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android. Thus I try to get some informations from the Texas Instruments representative about which kinds of hardware acceleration limits in terms of Video playback and 3D rendering and other graphics accelerations that we might see in firmware updates. Of course the firmwares that Archos can release for us do not have to feature all the latest from Texas Instruments, but the latest stuff that TI can demonstrate, logically Archos engineers might also be working with those tools for our firmware updates.

Not that I am able to exactly confirm what kinds of hardware acceleration upgrades and Android upgrades we might get in the next firmwares, but I can tell you that I heard lots of very exciting stuff from the Texas Instruments engineers and product managers at the Mobile World Congress, as I was there to film 55 video interviews for my other site

I am meeting with Archos soon, the CeBIT is coming up in just one week and I will be there filming 50 videos as well. So look forward to more very exciting updates on the hardware acceleration updates for Archos Android that are coming!

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Texas Instruments talks about Archos at Mobile World Congress 2010

Posted by Charbax on 24th February 2010

Ameet Suri, Strategic Marketing Manager at Texas Instruments, explains some of how Texas Instruments is working with Archos on powering the awesome Archos 5 Internet Tablet series running Android, what kind of work goes into it, he tells a bit about how TI supports Archos and how Archos innovates impressively in the industry.

This is one of about 55 videos that I filmed for my other site at at Mobile World Congress 2010 last week in Barcelona.

I spoke with the Texas Instruments people a lot off camera as well about Archos, and I think there is a lot of very interesting updates that you can be looking forward to coming up. For more ideas about what type of Texas Instrument technologies you may look forward for Archos to implement look for my upcoming OMAP3440 video running Android 2.1, comparing it to the 1ghz 45nm performance of OMAP3640 and also check out my amazing OMAP4 video, even look forward to my Texas Instruments nHD DLP Pico Projector video.

You can discuss about this video at

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Posted by Charbax on 24th February 2010

Check it out at

Now it looks cool in the browser and lists all the apps with more informations about each of the apps.

You can discuss this in the forum:

Found via:,9299.html

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Archos 5 Internet Tablet Firmware 1.7.77 released

Posted by Charbax on 20th February 2010

Download it here: Download Archos 5 Internet Tablet OS v 1.7.77 (88530Kb)

According to the Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android firmware changelog:

Version 1.7.77 – February 19th, 2010

Cell phone tethering: now propose both DUN and PAN bluetooth profiles if phone supports it and select DUN as default one
Cell phone tethering: properly clear former settings to avoid migration issues with new tethering infrastructure
System: fix device not entering in suspend mode after being mounted on PC with USB
Video: fix MPEG4 streams in MP4 files sometimes had wrong aspect ratio
Music: fix .MP4 genre was sometimes not recognized correctly
Playlist: add support for “PLS+XML” mime type in Archos Media Center
Android: prevent going fullscreen when an application change its window attributes
Developers: fix ADB/DDMS screenshot feature in landscape

You can discuss this firmware update in the forum:

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Cnet bashes Windows 7 and Intel

Posted by Charbax on 12th February 2010

Archos 9 pctablet
Image by louisvolant via Flickr

In this following video review of the Archos 9 pctablet, Dan Ackerman the Cnet guy obviously has problems with the Windows 7 software and the Intel processor inside of the Archos 9 pctablet.

I only tested the Archos 9 for a few minutes at CES 2010, my opinion is that this is basically the best value X86 Windows based tablet that has ever existed, it’s even cheaper than the ipad at below $500 with much more storage space integrated using this 80GB 1.8″ (thus 4200rpm) hard drive. If you need Windows and Intel based Tablet, there is no better option on the market today. And Archos surely even has a bit of margin that if they wanted, they could lower the price of this Archos 9 pctablet, or later keep the price the same and add features like an SSD hard drive and upgrade Windows from Starter to I dunno what’s it called. Perhaps also for $100 more provide a capacitative screen once other manufacturers mass manufacture them at 8.9″ sizes, and as announce they can add DVB-T tuner and 3G in other versions of it.

My opinion is that if you want snappier software and hardware and longer battery runtime in larger screened tablets, then wait for the Archos 7 Internet Tablet with Android to be released perhaps as soon as next month and perhaps for about half the price of the Archos 9 pctablet based on Windows/Intel.

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Firmware 1.7.71 released

Posted by Charbax on 11th February 2010

You can Download the Firmware 1.7.71 at

The changelog is following:

Version 1.7.71 – February 11th, 2010

* Cell phone tethering: add DUN and PAND bluetooth support for connection and automatic detection
* Cell phone tethering: add one click enable/disable shortcut in “Power control” widget
* System Monitor: a new application to kill background processes, list system alarms responsible of waking up the product and “wakelocks” preventing device to sleep.
* GPS diagnostic: a new application to monitor satellite reception levels
* Storage: add FAT32 support for internal storage, with capability to reformat device in FAT32 (settings>about device->repair and formatting tools options). Note that if you choose to reformat your device in FAT32, file size will be limited to 4GB which is incompatible with most of the full length HD movie file size. Use of FAT32 filesystem format is not recommended for hard disk based products.
* Archos Media Center widget: faster launch of media center applications
* Video: allow volume autogain for files played from a network shares
* Video: fix some MP4, WMV9 HD and MPEG1 files not playing
* Calculator: add clear button in menu
* File browser: file overwrite does not freeze UI anymore
* Keyboard: fix a wrong letter in Android russian keyboard
* System: fixes device power off when time is changed in the past
* System: better handling of media center application restart

With this new firmware, power users can now edit the wifi configuration files in ADB mode to experiment with WPA-EAP and adhoc WiFi support. Instructions for how to do that are in the forum: and in the wiki:

You can discuss this in the forum:

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Dual-boot on Archos 5 Internet Tablet now enabled officially

Posted by Charbax on 5th February 2010


Just like a PC, the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet can be freely programmed in alternative ways in addition to the applications that can be created for the Android platform. To have total control of your Internet Tablet, ARCHOS has opened up this device, thus allowing creative minds to program their own tablet, or create what could be the tablet of the future.

Skilled developers and programmers can now choose to switch over to a true standard Linux environment as offered by the Ångström Linux distribution. Developers can put this on their ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet devices and join other enthusiasts who are experimenting with various ideas and interfaces based on the Linux operating system.

Read more about the Special Developer Edition firmware for the Archos 5 Internet Tablet on:

Read more about the Ångström Linux distribution at:

Discuss this in the forum:

Let’s have some fun!

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