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Firmware Version 1.7.33 released

Posted by Charbax on January 21st, 2010

›› Download Archos 5 Internet Tablet OS v 1.7.33 (86528Kb)

What’s new in this version?
New Android 1.6 “Donut”
- Optimization of applications on the high-resolution screen of the ARCHOS 5 IT
- New “Quick Search” to find your Apps, Music, Contacts, and browsing history and get suggested search results as you type
- Easy access to battery saving features (wifi, screen, gps, etc.) show me
New version of office documents viewer (ThinkFree Mobile 1.2)

The full changelog:

Firmware changes

Version 1.7.33 – January 20th, 2010

Since this firmware is based on a new version of Android, after the update, you will be prompted to reset your device configuration. It is highly recommended to do so. The extra applications that you may have installed will need to be re-installed, but your multimedia files will not be affected.

Android 1.6 “Donut”: quick search box, power control widget, battery usage indicator screen, WVGA screen native support, VPN
ThinkFree Mobile 1.2: double-tap zoom in PDF, miscellaneous bug fixes and speed improvements
Video: add automatic gain control option for sound in Video Player
Video: fix support for MJPG files
Video: improve youtube playback support
Music: add support for .mp2 files
Music: allow to play shoutcast .PLS files from the web browser
TV: improve image centering in Video Player when using DVR Snap-on
Android: fix touch screen offset experienced in some applications due to presence of Archos status bar
Keyboard: add up and down arrow keys in Android keyboard (press “?123″ to get it)
Keyboard: add “OK” key in Android keyboard (long press on “Return” key to get it)
GUI: improved Archos Widget layout on TV
Storage: correct random hard disk disconnection while playing music or video
Network: fix UPnP and network sharing not working on Wi-Fi access point not complying with Wi-Fi power saving standard specification
Network: add an option to disable power saving at the expense of battery life for a specific access point at first association to cope with some buggy Wi-Fi access points
Network: fix archos multimedia application sometimes failed to access the network
Alarm Clock: fix alarm could not be set when android multimedia library was off
System: use Android default notification sound when android multimedia library is off
System: add accelerometer calibration in Startup Wizard

Discuss this firmware and report eventual bugs in the forum:

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