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Archos 1.6 Donut firmware to be released on Monday

Posted by Charbax on December 24th, 2009

Archos briefly released the 1.6 firmware yesterday, but they found out that it had somekind of bug, so they pulled it temporarily to get it fixed.

An official source at Archos is telling me that I should communicate you the following warning:

People that were early to see this firmware and who upgraded to it, are requested to please not try to downgrade to firmware 1.4.16 from it.

ppl that are already on 1.6.x (donut) not to downgrade to 1.4.25, it is possible but a painfull process coz at the start nothing will work

The new Android 1.6 firmware brings a lot of new optimizations, including a new better video decoder that improves H264 HD playback, faster Archos Media Center and better integration of Archos multimedia features into Android, the first official support by Android of Archos superior screen size and resolution which hopefully will soon lead to official support of the Google Marketplace, WiFi connection seems faster, Bluetooth connections might have been improved, overall readability of all Android features are better optimized for the screen size and resolution, and of course it has plenty of bug fixes.

There will be a new Google Marketplace hack available soon until hopefully soon Google officially allows Archos to include it by default.

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  • helio navarro

    Where is the FW???? you say this monday!!

  • major c

    It’s now Wednesday.

    Unless this lot get their act together on Donut and then 2.0 they will lose the first mover advantage in this market.

    By the way FRING works beautifully to make the 5IT a hands free Skype phone…. if only there was a way to make the Mic work when the earphones are plugged in

  • Major C

    Sorry, should have asked “which Monday”.

    Archos is finished if they can’t get their machine to work on Android updates!

  • Major C


    I am with you. The 5 IT is an amazing but of kit for people who don’t want an “all-in-one” – but half the world’s software won’t work on it!

    It is no use producing a machine stuck with an old and non-updateable OS. Would you buy an Atari from the 80′s?

    I suspect Archos is too busy with its German energy company contract to bother with the real world.

    C’est la vie. A shame.

  • eric

    are you guys crazy archos 5 andriod is the best i thought it was bad cause of all the bad reviews but its not its the best pmp ever already put google market on my archos

    and it works fine i think you guys are jealous that dumb **** steve job can’t beat the archos and it plays hd on youtube

  • guest

    the New Android 1.6 “Donut” just came out now

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