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Archos 5 Internet Tablet is faster and better than the iPod Touch and Viliv S5

Posted by Charbax on 26th October 2009 and just published articles detailing and explaining how the Archos 5 Internet Tablet is the fastest and the best Internet Tablet on the market.

Steve Chippy of UMPCportal is saying that it is “as fast” as the Intel Atom based Viliv S5 when the Flash is disabled in Viliv’s Firefox browser. Yet consider that for $249 the Archos 5 Internet Tablet (8GB) with 7 hours battery in WiFi browsing mode and 182gr is at least as fast as a $549 Viliv S5 with less battery time and weighing 395gr.

Archos performs as the fastest on 8 websites out of 10 in the test by Pocketables in terms of web browsing speed. You have to consider that Archos displays 2.5x more pixels than on the iPod Touch, so basically the Archos can display 2.5x more information, pixels and charachters on the screen at faster or about the same speed as the third generation Ipod Touch.

According to, Best Buy is now moving forward with significant marketing in favour of Archos 5 Internet Tablet when compared to the Ipod Touch:

I would add a few corrections to Best Buy’s comparison:

- TV output on the Archos is actually up to 1280×720 using the HDMI output on the HDMI Mini Dock or DVR Station.

- HD 720p Content support is not only H264 High Profile for Archos, it is also for DivX, XviD and WMV. While the iPod Touch does not support any HD content not even of H264 Baseline profile.

- The GPS map licence on Archos is only if you want to use the suggested Ndrive Android GPS in-car navigation software. But you can use any other Android GPS software that is available on the market, including free applications where GPS map licences are free or ad-supported.

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