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Firmware updates for Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android and Archos 5IMT as well

Posted by Charbax on 21st October 2009

You can discuss the Archos 5 Internet Tablet firmware 1.2.03 at

Archos 5 Internet Tablet with Android

Version 1.2.03 – October 21st, 2009

Android applications: all Archos default Android applications are installed during firmware update process after reboot if not present on the disk
Web browser: fix some random crashes
Youtube: solve some video playback issues
TV output: setup wizard shows a picture of the connectors and cable
TV output: fix AC3 sound being stereo only on SPDIF/HDMI
TV output: provide higher HDMI output volume
Android sound recorder: recording is now performed at 44.1kHz

Last year’s Archos 5 and 7 Internet Media Tablets also just received this new firmware 1.7.02 update which you can also discuss at

Archos 5 and Archos 7

Version 1.7.02 – October 21st, 2009


Video: VOB subtitles are now supported

Video: Now recognize subtitle filenames with the language added between the movie name and the extension

Bug fixes:

Video Subtitles: Player was hanging when there was an empty .SSA file

Video: Some MP4 files containing MP3 audio didn’t play well

Video: Some MPEG-4 files didn’t play well

Video: Some FLV files didn’t play well

Video: Animated thumbnails didn’t loop correctly

Music: Artist name containing “/” were not displayed correctly in the tab of the Music Browser

Music: Device could reboot when cleaning the Playlist while in shuffle mode

Music: Device could freeze when toggling from FM radio to Music Player in queue mode

TV: There was some OSD display glitches while playing some video files in 720p mode

Web: Allow to play local video files from the Web Browser

Home Shortcuts: some shortcuts had truncated names

Home Shortcuts: There was issues in the shortcut manager when more than 50 shorcuts had been created

System: There was some issue with the download manager when the hard drive was full

Virtual keyboard: There was issues when writing an e-mail with a non-latin language selected

GUI: Update Arabic, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Italian and Spanish translations

GUI: Bulgarian virtual keyboard had a duplicated letter and one missing

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