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At night in Denmark

Posted by Charbax on October 17th, 2009

At night, in the streets of Copenhagen, I’m using my new Archos 5 Internet Tablet for the first time. Not testing much in this video, just showing you a bit of how it looks and talking about it.

I will post some detailed videos showing the actual features, performance, test results and more during the next few days. So check back!

Here are some of my early impressions with this Android device:

720p MKV High Profile TV episodes “scene releases” seem to work smoothly. Though if you fast forward there currently is a bug that then plays the video slightly out of synch. My contact at Archos tells me there are things they can improve with MKV playback in firmware updates.

I will test more 720p MKV H264 High Profile “scene release” movies during the next few days and I will report in the forum:

I like the Android browser a lot, I really like how you can go in standby while browsing, resume your player and you are right back in the browser and immediately still connected to WiFi. On the previous Archos 5 IMT, you would have to slowly reconnect to WiFi and re-browse to the page. This is a huge improvement. I like awesomly how you can multitask, jump from the Browser to something else and back so easily. Browse in 4 tabs perhaps more all seems super smooth, perhaps thanks to this ARM Cortex A8 processor being so powerful for this webkit browser.

The Youtube.apk seems to work fine, though it’s not full screen yet (does not cover the top Home/Menu/Back task bar) and also, it would be really awesome if someone made a special Archos version of Youtube.apk which could load HD and HQ versions by default in full screen and instantly if the user chooses those qualities as default in the settings. If someone made a YoutubeHD.apk optimized for Archos, if playing back Youtube HD and HQ from the Youtube API is possible, then that could be a real killer application for this device. Add a few community features, Youtube video recommendations, log-in to load ones personal Youtube recommendations, subscriptions, playlists and more would be really awesome.

I have had it only for a few hours, and been busy with a few other things since then. I will spend much more time tomorrow to try to do some useful and advanced tests that I will post in new videos and in the forum:

  • Li

    why bother with a large android tablet when you can just carry an android phone in your pocket?
    I mean, the whole fun part of android is the ability to be able to have so many data operations based on the operator’s data capabilities , oh yea and to be able to make calls too…
    out of all the devices here at I really can’t wait for the Motorola Droid to be released

  • Charbax

    Paying telecom carriers for android phone contracts is not fun. Archos has a much better s creen and multimedia features for Internet, apps and multimedia.

    I much prefer placing and receiving all my phone calls for free over VOIP.

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