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Cool pictures of Archos Android at CNET

Posted by Charbax on 15th September 2009

It’s at CNET’s first hands-on article:

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Archos Android Official guided tour and How-To videos

Posted by Charbax on 15th September 2009

Archos has published an official Guided Tour video for the new Archos Android 5 Internet Tablet device:

They are also uploading a whole bunch of How-To videos here:

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New HDMI Mini Dock for cheap HDTV output

Posted by Charbax on 15th September 2009

Archos HDMI Mini Dock

If you don’t want to buy the expensive full TV-in/TV-out DVR Station, there is a new HDMI Mini Dock, which should be much cheaper to provice you with a full 720p HDMI HDTV output.

This way, you only need the HDMI Mini Dock to have a full HD Android experience, combine that with a USB or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for amazingly awesome laid back office experience.

If Google releases a full Google Chrome browser that supports unlimited amount of tabs smoothly, and if Adobe releases full smooth Flash 10 support, this setup could effectively replace your PC.

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Engadget hands-on with the Archos Android A5 generation

Posted by Charbax on 15th September 2009

It’s at

Although the Engadget guy is the usual type of iphone-fanboy, even Engadget can’t stop being totally wowed by this new Archos Android generation of devices.

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Live Video from Archos Android Event by ArchosLounge/JBMM

Posted by Charbax on 15th September 2009

The event was streamed live on ustream.

Follow Real-Time entries using for Archos news using FriendFeed and our FriendFeed room:

Discuss all the Archos Android news in Real-time in the Forum:

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Live Archos Android Event coverage on the Forum!

Posted by Charbax on 15th September 2009

Follow the latest reports on the Archos event today starting in the next 3 hours at (french) is there in Paris. (french) is there in Paris.

We will discuss and link to all the Archos coverage in real-time at and especially in the Forum:

With luck, there will be live video streaming from the Paris event starting in about 3 hours.

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T minus 4 hours. London event invitation!

Posted by Charbax on 15th September 2009

I just got this invitation on my email.

Since I am not going to cover neither the Paris nor London event tonight, if anyone else reading this who is based in UK London feels like trying to get in to this event, I would suggest you may try to print this invitation picture and see if you can get in!

It says that a few lucky people can even leave with Archos devices with pre-loaded music.

This afternoon, NOW, 5PM September 15th:
Royal Courthouse Hotel
Great Marlborough Street
London W1F 7HL

I would find it awesome if some Archos forum users based in London could see this post in time, decide to try get in to that event and especially post us a bunch of pictures and videos from the event. Which I of course will gladly post on the blog as well.

Discuss this in here:

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Archos Android 8Gb to 500GB launched today on Amazon, Newegg and

Posted by Charbax on 15th September 2009

If you plan to buy it on, please follow my link right here, this will give the means to host better features on this site, review more products and bring you better coverage:

Thanks for clicking this link if you buy it on Amazon! I’ll post the links to the other capacities here when they become available.

Found at, discuss it here:

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