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Archos 3 Vision video-review

Posted by Charbax on 14th September 2009

I found the Archos 3 Vision (8GB) at only 79 euros in a German store. It is Amazingly cheap. 3-inch touchscreen, 8GB flash memory storage built-in, some type of video playback supported (I haven’t been able to test it yet), it’s just a cool working 3″ touchscreen mp3 player. It has an FM transmitter to output the audio using your car stereo without using any cables, an FM radio receiver (and I think recorder), voice recorder to record your voice whenever you get new ideas, all that at a very decently priced 79 euros in the European market! That’s nearly 3x cheaper than the same capacity and near same screen sized ipod touch.

I can’t provide you with a better more detailed video review of the device until Archos sends me a review unit (hint… hint…) . Until then, Roylovelock, Master Moderator of the ArchosFans Forum, posted a much more detailed video review a couple of weeks ago at:

You can discuss this video-review at

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