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I will not be covering the Archos event in Paris nor London this time

Posted by Charbax on 4th September 2009

Although I really would have liked to go there (from my headquarters in Copenhagen Denmark, or from my current location covering IFA 2009 in Berlin Germany), Archos tells me they don’t want to pay the 300€ for my flight and hotel to go there.

Even though I took the pain to provide the Archos Fans worldwide with awesome live video coverage of the June 11th event, where I rushed back from Asia doing video-coverage of Taipei’s Computex expecting to see the Archos Android products unveiled but where Archos only showed Intel based products. Although I have done the worlds highest-ranked Archos related videos on Google for years among other Archos products of the Archos 9, Archos 10S, Archos 13, Archos 2, Archos TV Snap-On, for each of these Google Searches you’ll find my videos on the first page. And those are just thinking about the latest generation of products.

Anyways, I don’t think I should be paying flights and hotels myself to cover Archos events, like I have previously done more than once. I hope,,, Stuff Magazine, ElectricPig, SlipperyBrick (and whoever else goes to the Archos event on the 15th) and especially that Archos themselves take themselves together and provides us with live high quality video coverage (how much can it cost them to connect their cameras with a direct high quality video and audio stream to stream the live keynote presentations on It costs nothing.), hoping all that can provide us with good enough coverage of the event.

Also, thanks to the big mistake in Archos letting B&H release the pictures and prices a few days ago, I guess there might not be as much to cover anymore at that event.

You can discuss this here:

You can discuss all the latest rumors, news, ideas, hopes, suggestions about the upcoming Archos Android generation in the Archos Android Forum section: It will probably also be the best place to follow all the latest informations on the September 15th event.

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