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FCC leaks Archos Android Devices

Posted by Charbax on August 26th, 2009

Thank you to the FCC for leaking pictures and info for Archos upcoming Android devices A5S (might mean slim, perhaps even a flash memory only option) and A5H (could mean HSDPA or High Capacity up to 500GB).

Here is the first leaked picture:

Bluetooth, WiFi N, Accelerometers, FM transmitter/receiver, micro-USB connector, MicroSD card slot (is it only for the A5S?). I don’t see the HSDPA sim card slot on these, to me it could have been placed where the MicroSD card slot is..

The rounder sides might be to improve WiFi N reception/emission quality, as well as it could host a microphone on one side and thus work as a big Android phone when put up to your ear. No confirmation of a microphone present at this point. Though I prefer the idea of using a Bluetooth headset for when placing and receiving VOIP phone calls through Android VOIP applications based on SIP, Skype, Google Voice and more.

There is an all in black version as well:

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