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Archos launches High-End Android applications marketplace

Posted by Charbax on August 14th, 2009

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Archos is releasing the worlds first dedicated Android marketplace for 800×480 and HDTV 720p resolution Android devices with more advanced Multimedia features than any existing Android smartphones on the market.

On September 15th, Archos will release the worlds first High-End Android Internet Media Tablets. Until then, Archos is encouraging Android developpers to prepare their Android applications to support the higher resolution screens and more advanced Multimedia features of the Archos line of products. These High-End Android applications would be compatible with any other High-End device as well, but Archos will probably be the first manufacturer with such High-End Android devices on the market.

All Android applications, even the ones designed for smaller screens, will probably work on the Archos Android Devices, though it makes more sense to encourage developpers to think how to use the 2.5x higher resolution touch-screen, 2x larger touch-screen (the device still remains pocketable, the surface of the device is probably screen-only with a very thin screen bezel), the larger up to 500GB built-in storage, the more powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor (no other currently available Android devices by HTC or Samsung have such powerful ARM processor yet), the 720p video decoding DSP and the advanced 3D acceleration.

Although all these High-End Android features sound like they could be more expensive, I speculate that Archos may release Android devices with unlocked HSDPA 3G capability starting at $150 to $400 depending on the screen size and the flash memory or hard drive storage of each different model:

Quotes from Archos’s website:

We believe in the future, and we are convinced that the future is about High-End Android devices.

if you want to develop specifically for new high-end devices, you may want to follow a few guidelines. By High-End devices, we mean devices that are not only smartphones, but all kind of tablets, PDA, PNDs or picture-frames. Devices that will tomorrow provide the same kind of experience than a PC, mobility added.

AppsLib is a co-venture with ARCHOS. Our target is to be available on a large variety of devices, from a lot of manufacturers. But we believe ARCHOS has got what it takes to become the future of Android devices. If you want to develop on a new generation of product, you should consider the following suggestions.

These words speak loudly that Archos really believes that they are releasing a new revolution for Android, making it High-End with the same kind of experience as on a PC and that developing software for it will require to follow new guidelines.

These new suggested guidelines from Archos could also work for High-End Android netbooks! I do not know if Archos will release ARM based Android netbooks (or call them Smartbooks or Laptops, whichever you prefer), but I have been speculating that it would be a good idea for Archos to do so:
I have speculated that Chrome OS is basically going to be the same as Android 2.0 (why wouldn’t Chrome OS support Android type applications, both are for embedded Linux platforms) just with this same kind of new guidelines like the Archos AppsLib guidelines to better support all these Laptop centric hardware and user interfaces:

Archos guidelines for High-End Android applications support 720p HDTV output. Meaning that Android applications will be able to be made to support resolutions of at least 1160×652. Imagine connecting your Archos Android Device to your HDTV, connect a Mouse and Keyboard, and you will have a Complete PC-like experience right there. With hopefully full Google Chrome browsers available for ARM devices soon, with Opera Browser and Firefox Fennec, the experience of browsing the Internet on the latest ARM Cortex processor used by Archos should provide a full PC-like experience right there. And your Android applications could provide advanced Word processing, even photo and video editing features if they use for example the cloud to grid-encode and grid-render videos and photos and only streams back a thumbnails view within the advanced multimedia full screen Android applications. A good high resolution remote desktop viewer could also allow your Archos Android Device to function as a full X86 Desktop hypervisor and you could virtualize any desktop remotely even from the Internet.

Archos also promotes new full OpenGL 3D acceleration guidelines for Android products. Thus look forward to free Android applications that could emulate any console from NES, SNES even to N64 and the Dreamcast and play OpenGL Linux compatible games like Quake3 at full framerates on your HDTV.

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  • mjc

    800 by 480 -sounds like the Nokia N800 and N810.

    Any possibility of running Android there?

    N810 even has GPS.

  • tim

    Bah! I love fhe archos but appslib? The only thing its good for is restricting users. All the apps there are on appslib are by amateur users and there are very few. It’s destroyed the point of getting an android archos! It also freezes and you have to update it by dragging files from your computer! Fyi. They don’t tell you you need to update. I figured tht out myself.

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