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Archos should hack itunes like Palm does it

Posted by Charbax on 5th August 2009

Apple has long time been playing its own illegal antitrust case defying rules of locking consumers of the ipods in with their proprietary itunes software. This has created for Apple a situation of monopolistic control over hardware and the use of “legal” music sales on digital music playing devices. Because of the illegal itunes/ipod/iphone lock-down, Apple has a 72% market share in mp3 players and has been able to sell millions of iphones.

Palm is the first company in the consumer electronics industry to stand up to this despicable business practice and so Palm has engineered their new Palm Pre smartphone to be recognized by the itunes software as a regular ipod. And thus allow for synchronization of all contents from itunes that are not using Apple’s proprietary copy-protection.

I find that to be a courageous and significant first step from a competitor of Apple in the mp3 players market to stand up for their rights of fair competition in the free market economy. Apple cannot lock itunes consumers into having to buy Apple products forever just because they purchased or synchronized a few songs through Apple’s multimedia content synchronization software.

As the webmaster of I am strongly suggesting that Archos should do everything to add the same functionality as Palm has done on all future Archos devices, to make them all look like ipods when detected by the itunes software. If not for else, it would be a strong message from Archos that they too are now sick of Apple’s monopolistic practices. That it is simply not fair and illegal under EU antitrust regulation, for a company to lock consumers in for life under a proprietary software/hardware ecosystem. That interoperability is not only good for consumers, it is the basic principle that all software and hardware platforms should abide by.

If I was able to advise Archos’s press releases team, I would recommend them to immediately issue an official statement from Archos saying that they support Palm’s case to the USB consortium and that Archos will stand by Palm in any eventual antitrust lawsuit if they wish to pursue such against Apple. Archos should not be afraid to use strong language to describe the actual situation that Apple has put Archos and the rest of the Mp3 player competition in.

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