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Archos 3 Vision video review by roylovelock

Posted by Charbax on 31st August 2009

Roylovelock posted his comments that go with this video review at

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Archos 3 Vision reviewed by roylovelock

Posted by Charbax on 30th August 2009

ArchosFans forum moderator roylovelock just received his Archos 3 Vision and is posting this review in this thread:

Well my new 3 arrived today and ive been playing with it non stop.
The machine is the sort of quality build you expect from archos, very good.
the screen is beautiful tbh, video on the screen is small in comparison to the 5 but still very watchable and enjoyable.
Touch screen is very positive (sorry peeps its resistive not capacitive), the virtual scroll wheel is an funny idea but works once you get the knack, a bit quirky though.
The machine is very pocket friendly in comparison to its bigger brothers.
The codecs it supports is excellent, no plugins needed – RMVB out of the box!!!
Boot time is quick, from power button to operation its about 4 seconds.
The built in FM transmitter is very very good, in the past ive not had much luck with these and thought the 3 wouldnt be any better, i was suprised with the results it produced. You have to make sure you plug in earphones as these act as an ariel. the sound is of normal FM standard, i had to move the leads around a bit to get rid of white noise but then it worked well over a 100mile journey, no stations managed to cut accross the signal!!.
The sound quality is very good, i think but havent actually tested yet but i think its actually louder than the 605 and 5. i will keep you posted on that.
STANDARD usb connections again!!!!! thank you archos.

there are a couple of areas that ive found that could do with some tlc.
the screen lock works but when you touch the screen it will still light up!?!? the point of this is well your guess is as good as mine, i was hoping it would de activate the screen to save on the battery life.
It has an excellent range of playable codecs, what happened to AAC?, it a very popular codec but seems to be ommited from this model.
No DRM support (ok imho its not a bad thing as i hate drm but i do like to occasionally download a proggie of bbc iplayer – oh well).
No bookmark feature – this is another thing i use constantly on my other players. it does have a resume though on video and music (unlike the 2 it will resume to where you left off).
No expansion slot, not a big deal tbh, you purchase a 8gb player you get an 8gb player. I find 8gb ideal for a days work, i put what i want on there and thats enough for that day or two at work. But 8gb would fall short for me if i was away on holiday etc.
TV out cable NOT INCLUDED. Ive got dozens of these knocking around from previous models so its not a big deal for me, but i think archos should really have included the leads, leave out the earphones and put in the tv leads would have won over a lot of people.
Cant be read when connected to an 5 using the mini dock. I find this strangely amusing that an archos brand machine cannot be viewed from another archos machine. this is a first for me, all my other machines going back to jmb20 can be read when connected to the 5.
No playlist or search mode options??!!

Some of those things can be solved with a firmware update others cant. But overall, if you need or want basic small player that is an excellent video viewer as well then this machine is ideal. Ive used it now for it now for 14hrs flat and the machine has been rock solid, total crashes – a big hairy ZERO!!!
I wish i had never purchased the 2 now, ive used that once and put it into a draw, but i think that this 3 will now take place of my 5 for every day use.

Battery life, well it has been commented on other sites that the battery life is bad, well from one days usage i wouldnt say it was bad at all. i watched a 1hr 45 min movie, and played an audio book at about 70% volume for a good 12 hrs on one charge (the other 2hrs it was on FM transmitter, 1hr of it on the way into work it was charging but not on the way home). checking now its still showing 2 bars. BUT this battery hasnt yet been properlly calibrated so i will re access this in a weeks time.

I will put some pics up tommorow comparing it with the 5, 605, 405, 2 and 105 so you can get a better idea of dimensions etc.

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FCC leaks Archos Android Devices

Posted by Charbax on 26th August 2009

Thank you to the FCC for leaking pictures and info for Archos upcoming Android devices A5S (might mean slim, perhaps even a flash memory only option) and A5H (could mean HSDPA or High Capacity up to 500GB).

Here is the first leaked picture:

Bluetooth, WiFi N, Accelerometers, FM transmitter/receiver, micro-USB connector, MicroSD card slot (is it only for the A5S?). I don’t see the HSDPA sim card slot on these, to me it could have been placed where the MicroSD card slot is..

The rounder sides might be to improve WiFi N reception/emission quality, as well as it could host a microphone on one side and thus work as a big Android phone when put up to your ear. No confirmation of a microphone present at this point. Though I prefer the idea of using a Bluetooth headset for when placing and receiving VOIP phone calls through Android VOIP applications based on SIP, Skype, Google Voice and more.

There is an all in black version as well:

You can discuss this leak at

Found through:

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Hands-on with Archos 2 Vision, Archos 3 Vision and Archos Clipper

Posted by Charbax on 21st August 2009 are posting pictures and first impressions of the new Archos 3 Vision, Archos 2 Vision and Archos Clipper products:,8993.html

They are posting all the pictures on their Flickr URL:

More impressions and reviews will be posted by them at soon.

I’ll post my video reviews of these products if I eventually get some for testing.

Discuss Archos 3 Vision here:

Discuss Archos 2 Vision here:

Discuss Archos 10S miniPC here:

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Amazing US prices for refurbished Archos 5 and Archos 7

Posted by Charbax on 20th August 2009

If you go to, you click on America/USA the Store/Refurbished Products, you will see the Archos 5 (60GB) for $155, (120GB) for $165, (160GB) for $175 and (250GB) for $195.

Refurbished Archos products are basically as good as new, they have a 6 months warranty from Archos as well in case anything doesn’t work.

These prices are really awesome value.

The Archos 7 is available also as refurbished on the (160GB) for $195 and the (320GB) for $245, pretty good prices as well.

The Gmini402 Camcorder (20GB) refurbished for $95 is also an insanely great price for a really great compact 20GB Mp3 player with a good built-in Mpeg4 camcorder.

Even though Archos are releasing the next generation in less than a month, those prices for refurbished products are really great values no matter what.

You can discuss these cheap prices at

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Archos launches High-End Android applications marketplace

Posted by Charbax on 14th August 2009

You can find it at

Archos is releasing the worlds first dedicated Android marketplace for 800×480 and HDTV 720p resolution Android devices with more advanced Multimedia features than any existing Android smartphones on the market.

On September 15th, Archos will release the worlds first High-End Android Internet Media Tablets. Until then, Archos is encouraging Android developpers to prepare their Android applications to support the higher resolution screens and more advanced Multimedia features of the Archos line of products. These High-End Android applications would be compatible with any other High-End device as well, but Archos will probably be the first manufacturer with such High-End Android devices on the market.

All Android applications, even the ones designed for smaller screens, will probably work on the Archos Android Devices, though it makes more sense to encourage developpers to think how to use the 2.5x higher resolution touch-screen, 2x larger touch-screen (the device still remains pocketable, the surface of the device is probably screen-only with a very thin screen bezel), the larger up to 500GB built-in storage, the more powerful ARM Cortex A8 processor (no other currently available Android devices by HTC or Samsung have such powerful ARM processor yet), the 720p video decoding DSP and the advanced 3D acceleration.

Although all these High-End Android features sound like they could be more expensive, I speculate that Archos may release Android devices with unlocked HSDPA 3G capability starting at $150 to $400 depending on the screen size and the flash memory or hard drive storage of each different model:

Quotes from Archos’s website:

We believe in the future, and we are convinced that the future is about High-End Android devices.

if you want to develop specifically for new high-end devices, you may want to follow a few guidelines. By High-End devices, we mean devices that are not only smartphones, but all kind of tablets, PDA, PNDs or picture-frames. Devices that will tomorrow provide the same kind of experience than a PC, mobility added.

AppsLib is a co-venture with ARCHOS. Our target is to be available on a large variety of devices, from a lot of manufacturers. But we believe ARCHOS has got what it takes to become the future of Android devices. If you want to develop on a new generation of product, you should consider the following suggestions.

These words speak loudly that Archos really believes that they are releasing a new revolution for Android, making it High-End with the same kind of experience as on a PC and that developing software for it will require to follow new guidelines.

These new suggested guidelines from Archos could also work for High-End Android netbooks! I do not know if Archos will release ARM based Android netbooks (or call them Smartbooks or Laptops, whichever you prefer), but I have been speculating that it would be a good idea for Archos to do so:
I have speculated that Chrome OS is basically going to be the same as Android 2.0 (why wouldn’t Chrome OS support Android type applications, both are for embedded Linux platforms) just with this same kind of new guidelines like the Archos AppsLib guidelines to better support all these Laptop centric hardware and user interfaces:

Archos guidelines for High-End Android applications support 720p HDTV output. Meaning that Android applications will be able to be made to support resolutions of at least 1160×652. Imagine connecting your Archos Android Device to your HDTV, connect a Mouse and Keyboard, and you will have a Complete PC-like experience right there. With hopefully full Google Chrome browsers available for ARM devices soon, with Opera Browser and Firefox Fennec, the experience of browsing the Internet on the latest ARM Cortex processor used by Archos should provide a full PC-like experience right there. And your Android applications could provide advanced Word processing, even photo and video editing features if they use for example the cloud to grid-encode and grid-render videos and photos and only streams back a thumbnails view within the advanced multimedia full screen Android applications. A good high resolution remote desktop viewer could also allow your Archos Android Device to function as a full X86 Desktop hypervisor and you could virtualize any desktop remotely even from the Internet.

Archos also promotes new full OpenGL 3D acceleration guidelines for Android products. Thus look forward to free Android applications that could emulate any console from NES, SNES even to N64 and the Dreamcast and play OpenGL Linux compatible games like Quake3 at full framerates on your HDTV.

You can discuss this news at

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Archos should hack itunes like Palm does it

Posted by Charbax on 5th August 2009

Apple has long time been playing its own illegal antitrust case defying rules of locking consumers of the ipods in with their proprietary itunes software. This has created for Apple a situation of monopolistic control over hardware and the use of “legal” music sales on digital music playing devices. Because of the illegal itunes/ipod/iphone lock-down, Apple has a 72% market share in mp3 players and has been able to sell millions of iphones.

Palm is the first company in the consumer electronics industry to stand up to this despicable business practice and so Palm has engineered their new Palm Pre smartphone to be recognized by the itunes software as a regular ipod. And thus allow for synchronization of all contents from itunes that are not using Apple’s proprietary copy-protection.

I find that to be a courageous and significant first step from a competitor of Apple in the mp3 players market to stand up for their rights of fair competition in the free market economy. Apple cannot lock itunes consumers into having to buy Apple products forever just because they purchased or synchronized a few songs through Apple’s multimedia content synchronization software.

As the webmaster of I am strongly suggesting that Archos should do everything to add the same functionality as Palm has done on all future Archos devices, to make them all look like ipods when detected by the itunes software. If not for else, it would be a strong message from Archos that they too are now sick of Apple’s monopolistic practices. That it is simply not fair and illegal under EU antitrust regulation, for a company to lock consumers in for life under a proprietary software/hardware ecosystem. That interoperability is not only good for consumers, it is the basic principle that all software and hardware platforms should abide by.

If I was able to advise Archos’s press releases team, I would recommend them to immediately issue an official statement from Archos saying that they support Palm’s case to the USB consortium and that Archos will stand by Palm in any eventual antitrust lawsuit if they wish to pursue such against Apple. Archos should not be afraid to use strong language to describe the actual situation that Apple has put Archos and the rest of the Mp3 player competition in.

You can discuss this story at

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