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Awesome US prices for Archos products at and

Posted by Charbax on 30th July 2009

Here are some of the latest really awesomely affordable prices for Archos Gen5 and Gen6 products in the USA:

Archos 5 120GB $229 at
Archos 5 250GB $249 at

Archos 605 Wi-Fi (4GB) $81 (refurbished, probably as good as new) at (the seller seems reliable)
Archos 605 Wi-Fi (30 GB) $125 (refurbished, probably as good as new) at
Archos 705 Wi-Fi (80 GB) $169 at

ARCHOS 10 (3-cells) $269 at

Archos TV+ 250 GB $159 at

All these prices are just really awesome! These products, even if some are 1-2 years old, they are still awesome and sold as new on Amazon so it’s reliable. I believe these prices are absolute awesome value. I do get a little commission from Amazon on each sale, so if you do feel tempted to buy them, I would appreciate that you visit the Amazon links through my links!

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Bluetooth on Archos Android seems confirmed

Posted by Charbax on 26th July 2009

Tony Limrick of Archos UK seems to have confirmed that the Archos Android devices will have Bluetooth support. This would be very significant for following features:

- Bluetooth headset. If holding a 4.8″ device to your ear feels uncomfortable, and you can answer calls without taking it out of the pocket.

- Bluetooth keyboard

- Bluetooth mouse

- Bluetooth remote control, no need for infrared remote control that only works when pointing it to the Archos in DVR Station mode anymore.

- Other Bluetooth accessories imaginable like I am imagining the ultimate watch would be an Android notifications and contact list compatible Bluetooth watch. Imagine just looking at your wrist watch when the phone calls, to see who’s calling without having to take out your Archos from your pocket. Imagine clicking on a touchscreen watch to pick the contact from the contact list to dial. Or imagine that on any incoming Android notifications, that you could view them on your wrist watch, text messages, status updates and more.

- Bluetooth microphone, if there is a built-in or external camera, then one or several compatible Bluetooth microphones might be one of the best ways to record high quality sound wirelessly when shooting videos.

- Bluetooth headphones, which also in combination with the tie-clip Bluetooth microphone, could be more comfortable to use than a Bluetooth headset.

- Archos could be used for wireless secure payments, for indoor precise localisation functions, for wireless ticketing, for secure wireless door opening, for passport control, for digital visit card transfer and many other such potentially revolutionary features.’

Source of this information is

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Archos 3 hands-on

Posted by Charbax on 2nd July 2009

CNET UK has been able to play a little with the Archos 3 at a recent Archos event in London:,39029432,49302856,00.htm

The Archos 3 is by far a much better value at less than half the price of the ipod touch and any other competing Mp3, Picture and Video playing device with about a 3″ touchscreen. has also posted a bunch of nice pictures of it:

You can discuss the Archos 3 in the forum:

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