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Archos 10 Ubuntu with 500GB hard disk and 2GB RAM released!

Posted by Charbax on 15th June 2009

Please digg this story here: (the more people know about this 500GB Archos netbook, the faster Archos will release it worldwide not only in France and the faster Archos will decide to dedicate the maximum amounts of marketing efforts for it)

This is pretty awesome. Archos releases the Archos 10 Ubuntu edition, with a 500GB hard drive, 2GB RAM and a 6-cell battery built-in. Running Ubuntu 9.04. All for not much more than the Archos 10 with Windows XP, 160GB and 1GB of RAM: available for 375€ at french retailer Surcouf.


Is Archos planning to be the worlds best brand for high-end Ubuntu powered netbooks? What about the recently announced Archos 10S that is super slim, lighter and nicer because of its Magnesium case design and that has a better dimentionned keyboard, will they release a Ubuntu version of it with a 500GB hard drive, 2GB ram and Ubuntu 9.04 as well? How much more would that cost compared to the announced Windows XP 160GB and 1GB RAM version?

Based on the pricing from this first French retailer to commercialise this new product, the Archos 10 Ubuntu with 6-cell, 500GB and 2GB RAM, costs “only” 46€ more than the Windows XP, 160GB and 1GB RAM version (consider in the EU there is a 20% VAT tax on all products, thus consider that the US pricing premium for Archos Ubuntu netbooks can probably be below 50 US dollars!! US pricing and availabillity of Archos Ubuntu netbooks has not been officially announced yet though): Here is Surcouf’s pricing for the 6-cell Windows XP version: 329€ (consider the Windows XP version of the Archos 10 has been sold for months and the Ubuntu version has only just been released by Archos right now for the first time)

Based on the current MSRP pricing, the Archos 10 with Windows XP is 349€ and the Archos 10 Ubuntu edition is launched with an MSRP of 375€, thus a difference at launch of only 26€. Again, when converting Euros to US$ prices, consider that European prices always include about 20% in VAT taxes. Thus the Archos 10 Ubuntu might only cost about $25 more even though it has got 3x more storage and 2x more RAM than the version with Windows XP. Thus you could expect to find the Archos 10 Ubuntu with 500GB hard drive, 2GB RAM and a 6-cell battery at around $350 in the US at the cheapest resellers (based on my calculations, if Archos soon releases it in the US as well).

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