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Video of the Archos 9 pctablet

Posted by Charbax on June 12th, 2009

Here is a HD quality close-up look at the Archos 9 PC tablet device as shown at the Archos Event in Paris which was also live streamed and which is now available as a recording at

About the price, you have to consider that EU prices in Euro include an average of 20-25% VAT taxes that people have to pay in Europe. So the US price often is about the same amount just in US dollars. I also think that I remember clearly that Archos announced this as a 450€ or 500 US dollar device. So converting the Euro price to US dollars is not the correct way to guess the US targetted suggested retail price for this product. Thus expect this to be sold unlocked cheaper than 500 US dollars in the USA, thus cheaper than the current price of an unsubsidized iphone (599 US dollars). Also consider than until the release, Archos may find HSDPA networking partners in many countries around the world to ship this product to consumers at a subsidized price (for example I’m just guessing 199 US dollars) when bundling it with a long term HSDPA data service package for it.

Videos of the Archos 10S, Archos 13 and some talk about the Archos Android device/devices to be shown and released by Archos in September will be uploaded later today.

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