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Real-time Archos coverage on friendfeed and twitter

Posted by Charbax on May 4th, 2009

We have launched a real-time friendfeed account for all Archos related news and discussions at and a new twitter account at for updates. Here are some of my suggested instructions for you to start using it:

1. Sign In on (you can use your Google or Facebook account)

2. Subscribe to and start posting whatever you want in there (kind of like you would in a chat)

3. Install the friendfeed notifier on your Windows/Mac/Linux desktop and receive real-time popup notifications on your desktop when other users post in the channel. You can then easilly click to go reply and discuss the topic there.

4. If you think that your forum posts are very interesting for a broad friendfeed channel audience to look at anmd to get updates about, you are welcome to promote your threads on by simply explaining them briefly and linking to them.

5. If you have an Archos related blog, twitter account or anything like that, we can add your feed to and thus try to improve the amount of real-time coverage that we can all have for Archos related news, discussions, ideas and whatever else.

6. I am not saying that I believe this twitter/friendfeed stuff will work great in the future, I just think friendfeed looks a little more usable than twitter. Their new real-time AJAX interface backend could be really interesting to basically make some kind of mix between a Chat, random twittering, RSS aggregating Archos related feeds and discussing whatever actual topics are Archos related on the Internet. Any Archos user can post questions and get real-time answers on there. Promote the forum’s most interesting threads and discuss them there. Post new Archos Youtube videos as soon as they are made and plenty more. Eventually we can also record ArchosFans podcasts using audio, perhaps even live video streaming from events.

7. Eventually we will all subscribe to this channel on our Archos Android devices, which will then popup real-time notifications on our Archos HSDPA device everytime something new happens in the Archos universe. Later I expect friendfeed to also implement all kinds of relevancy filtering so you will be able to filter how much of the noise that you will want to be notified about in real-time.

You can discuss these features in the forum at

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