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Archos to sell Classmates

Posted by Charbax on 30th April 2009

Archos is going to sell Intel Classmate PCs directly to schools in Europe and elsewhere:

You can discuss this new Archos product for children’s education at:

Found through,8854.html and

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Firmware update version 1.6.53 released

Posted by Charbax on 9th April 2009

You can download it here: Download Firmware for Archos 5 and Archos 7 version 1.6.53 (58471Kb)


  • GPS Car Holder Support
  • New File Browser with Drag-and-Drop and Multi-Selection
  • TV Snap-on: Application can now store several different channel lists
  • Video: “Image too large” error now also reports the video codec of the stream

Bug fixes:

  • Video: Some subtitles had first line displayed only
  • Video: Some AVI files (ODML) where seen shorter than they are
  • Music: In some cases the device rebooted after a toggle from LCD to HDMI 720p while in the music player
  • Music: Playback of files with very large ID3V2 tags didn’t work
  • File Browser: Deleting a folder sometimes made the device reboot
  • Remote Control: In Alt mode, pressing “0″ cancelled the Alt mode

You can discuss this firmware update at

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