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Archos could use OLED screens on the Android generation

Posted by Charbax on 27th March 2009

Here is a video comparison I made as a part of my full video coverage of CeBIT 2009 featuring my awesome 4.8″ 800×480 Archos 5 LCD screen playing a same video next to the same sized and same resolution OLED screen on a prototype of the $1499 Oqo Model 2+:

Should Archos provide the option to have such a nice OLED screen on the high-end version of Archos Android generation of devices to be released in the next few months? How much extra would you pay for an OLED option on your next Archos Android device? Do you know if 4.8″ 800×480 OLED screens are available with capacitative touchscreen technology which people also are asking for to provide a more sensitive finger controlled touchscreen?

You can discuss all this in

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Tony Limrick talks Android

Posted by Charbax on 26th March 2009

The upcoming Archos Android strategy is going to be so awesome!

Rumor and speculation: It is not exactly specified in the report, the quotes are not definitive, but it may be that Archos is definitely also working on building ARM Cortex based Netbooks runing Google Android as well in the Laptop form factor. Which should be able to give more flexibillity, using less power, thus running a longer time on similar size batteries and providing more optimized features for a Laptop form factor as well. Even reaching more competitive prices then the larger part of the competitors.

Managing director of Archos Europe, Tony Limrick is talking about Archos Android at

You can discuss Archos Android strategies at

Expect more official informations about Archos Android products soon! March 31 to April 3rd, there is the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) conference in Las Vegas, expect possibly some Android news coming from there.

Found through

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Archos 5 is cool

Posted by Charbax on 23rd March 2009

Those are official demonstrations of the Archos 5 coolness by the Archos UK marketing teams.

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ArchosLounge reviews the Archos TV Snap On

Posted by Charbax on 22nd March 2009

Here is a nice HD quality video review of the Archos TV Snap-On accessory:

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Nathan Salmon reviews the Archos 5

Posted by Charbax on 21st March 2009

And it’s awesome!

Check out this cool review by Nathan Salmon somewhere in England, he also posted a whole bunch of video reviews of several of the features of the Archos 5 at this Youtube channel:

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Firmware update version 1.6.03

Posted by Charbax on 17th March 2009

Version 1.6.03 – March 17th, 2009


* HiDef Video Plug-in support
- WMV/VC1 AP at 720p, 24 fps, 6 Mbps maximum
- MPEG-4 ASP w/o QPEL and GMC at 720p, 24 fps, 6 Mbps maximum
* Network: Now display only one Hidden SSID item in the access point list even if several are detected
(Note: previous Wifi configuration is lost after firmware update)

Bug fixes:

* Music: some MP3 files did not show up in Music Library
* TV Snap-on: recording failed in case there was no “(Rec)” folder
* TV Program Guide: Title bar was not updated when changing day by selecting a program
* ARCHOS 5G : Device didn’t start when plugged on some DVR Stations
* GUI: Animated Wallpaper was using the format selected in the Video Player instead of Full Screen
* GUI: Device rebooted when opening a shortcut to a picture folder containing sub-folders only


You can discuss this firmware update at

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Posted by Charbax on 12th March 2009

The awesome Archos TV Snap-On accessory has been released now in Europe. It works on all DVB-T networks, and most European countries are having plenty of good DVB-T coverage! It costs below 79€ and it is definitely awesome!

You can find the review at:

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Archos to release the TV Snap-on this month

Posted by Charbax on 10th March 2009

So now the release date and price is fixed at 79€ and an availabillity during the month of March accross Europe, since the TV Snap-on works on the European standard for terrestrial digital video broadcast signals.

Find more information at

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Firmware update Version 1.5.08

Posted by Charbax on 3rd March 2009

Version 1.5.08 – March 3rd, 2009


* DTI games support (see
* Email: Added HTML display for email content
* Email: DOC and XLS attachement preview
* Email: Added new incoming message notification widget in Home Screen
* Email: Added Hotmail support (POP3/SMTP protocols)
* Music: Added CoverWall view
* Photo: PhotoWall display speed has been improved
* Photo: New “Fit to width” display format
* Video: Allow to offset the display of the subtitles in time
* Web Radio is now directly accessed from the Home Screen, in the “Play” category
* Web TV is now directly accessed from the Home Screen, in the “TV” category
* Web Radio / Web TV: Last station can now be resumed
* Web Radio: Now gives the choice between “Play” and “Download” when opening a podcast
* File Browser: Added DOC and XLS file preview
* GUI: Added a “Touch Screen Lock” item in the menu of the recorders when DVR Snap-on is used
* GUI: Added support for Bulgarian User Interface

Bug fixes:

* Games: Device sometimes rebooted during Play’inTv games
* Video: The subtitles are now displayed more precisely timewise
* Video Recorder: The top-left menu was disabled after a TV/LCD toggle
* TV Scheduler: The previous/next day buttons were sometimes not working properly
* Email: On TV, there was sometimes a “Connection error” message although there was no error
* Parental Code: Arclib (music library) was empty after the playback of a video with adult permissions
* Wifi: It was sometimes not possible to connect to Hidden SSID access points because the “Connect” button remained greyed out
* Web: Device sometimes restarted when opening the Web Browser after a Suspend, if Widgets were used before Suspend
* Demo Mode: Click was taken into account by the Home Screen when stopping a demo video
* GUI: The “TV toggle” dialog was not closed when unplugging from the DVR Station
* GUI: Plug-ins list was sometimes truncated in “Firmware and Plug-ins” settings screen
* GUI: There was a missing letter in the Hebrew keyboard


You can discuss this firmware update at

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