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Archos to use Android

Posted by Charbax on February 9th, 2009

Wow! Talk about combining the worlds best hardware with the world best software! Archos is announcing that they are working with Google, with Texas Instruments and with everybody to make the Android embedded Linux OS work on Archos devices.

ARCHOS’ new Android-based IMT with voice functionality will be released in 3Q 2009

This is the Archos smartphone as well, this product will definitely have voice functionality. But this is definitely not just a phone since Archos does much more than just what normal smartphones do. You can expect the full range of Full multimedia features that Archos devices have been first in the world to provide for generations.

It is to be seen if the voice functionality support will be for regular voice plans of the telecom companies or if Archos will choose to focus on a data-centric business model and thus provide VOIP-only voice services such as Skype and SIP voice communications support without putting too much specificity on the voice service having to be plan and minute based. Although that voice-lock business model could perhaps be locked for Telecom companies who demand it and Archos may or may not provide a more VOIP-centric approach for more liberal telecom providers or to use on a totally unlocked, unsubsidized and open product.

The timing of this announcement coincides perfectly to the pre-opening period of the imminent World Mobile Congress that is starting in Barcelona in just a few days where other Android devices from Samsung, Motorola, HTC and others are expected to also be announced. This way, Archos manages to get some of that awesome free Android publicity that comes with Android announcements that arrive in these times where more and more people are realizing that Android is definitely the best Operating System ever released, being the most optimized and the one with the most potential having such a huge company as Google with all of its Phd’s supporting it.

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