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Archos 5G subsidized at 149€ with subscription in France with SFR

Posted by Charbax on January 23rd, 2009

Update on 27th of March 2009, the price is now subsidized at 99€ by SFR in France when you signup for a 1 or 2 year plan.

SFR, the first telecom in the world to have launched the Archos 5G with HSDPA data subscriptions thus far, is providing the Archos 5G for 149€ with a 2-year 19,90€ per month HSDPA data subscription plan, or at 24,90€ per month 1-year subscription plan. +5€ per month if you are not having your regular mobile phone plan with SFR as well.

Archos will hopefully soon be able to announce the availabillity of the Archos 5G with or without HSDPA subscriptions in other markets around the world. The Archos 5G is Archos most revolutionary product thus far, the first product of its kind which now also has built-in HSDPA connectivity.


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