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AMD Vice President of Advanced Marketing reviews the Archos 7

Posted by Charbax on 31st December 2008

Here is a nice review by Pat Moorhead, AMD’s Vice President of Advanced Marketing of the Archos 7 that he seems to have bought as a Christmas present for his children, or for himself.

This is the screen size of his Archos 7 compared to his ipod touch:


1) Viewing area; Archos 7: 15.64 in2; Apple iPhone touch 3.91 in2 (4:3. 1.33:1, NTSC)

2) Resolution: Archos 7: 800×480 pixels=384,000 pixels; Apple iPhone touch: 480×320 pixels=153,600 pixels


I wonder what AMD’s plan is with embedded processors, since AMD has sold their Alchemy MIPS based processor to Raza Microelectronics. I think AMD should work on an ARM Cortex based processor. It’d make for AMD some cheaper, smaller and better laptops and pocket computers. Especially the next OLPC XO-2 I think should use an ARM based processor instead of X86 AMD Geode. But why can’t AMD just start making some cheap low power ARM processors. That could also be a great way fo AMD to compete against Intel. You will be able to see new ARM based Laptops and pocket devices launched at CES.

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Archos 5 firmware 1.3.02 released

Posted by Charbax on 18th December 2008

GUI: Added support for Arabic User Interface
Music: Now supports FLAC files with an ID3V2 tag
Bug fixes:
System: Clock drifted when staying ON for a long time. Could lead to wrong TV program being recorded.
Network Browser: Some directories had wrong names (first letter repeated) and could not be opened
Flash Video: Sometimes video did not play in Full Screen mode
Flash Video: Sometimes audio did not play in Embedded mode
Flash Video: Embedded video display sometimes flickered
Flash Video: Embedded playback sometimes rebooted the device
Video: Subtitles were not outlined
Video: Lower part of the subtitles was cut, especially in 720p mode
WebRadio: Accentuated characters were not displayed correctly (now depends on the current language used)
Music: WMA files smaller than 500KB did not play
TV Program Guide: Channel name was sometimes not well updated in the bottom detail line
GUI: Some Chinese messages were wrong

You can discuss this firmware update at

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Archos 5 review on BBC The Gadget Show

Posted by Charbax on 5th December 2008

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USB Mouse and Keyboard support added with Archos 5 firmware 1.2.05

Posted by Charbax on 4th December 2008

Archos is beginning to activate USB Keyboard and Mouse on the latest Archos 5 and Archos 7 firmware update. A certain number of USB keyboards and mice are compatible. Together with the new auto scroll bar, now the browsing experience is approaching that of using a laptop or a desktop computer.

You can discuss this at

Found at,8599.html

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Archos 5 and Archos 7 New Firmware Version 1.2.05 released

Posted by Charbax on 3rd December 2008

Version 1.2.05 – December 3rd, 2008

Email application is now in release version
Web Radio: Allows Web Radio to play in background like regular audio files
Web Radio: Added Previous and Next buttons in the Web Radio player
Web Browser: Gives a choice between “Embedded” and “Fullscreen” playback for Flash Video
Web Browser: Added a vertical scrollbar to scroll the page (Option in the Web Browser settings)
Music: Displays a larger “Album Art” picture in the player
GUI: Allows creation of Home Screen shortcuts for Flash SWF files
GUI: Allows renaming and deleting files in the PDF and Flash Apps browsers
GUI: Displays videos in the Help browser
TV Control: More devices have been added to the Infrared Emitter support list (Fastweb, FranceTelecom, HOT, Noos, Telefonica, …)

Bug fixes:
Music: Search feature was not usable with Remote control
Music: Back from Player to Browser was not working well in playlist mode
Music: Browser was not in playlist mode after resuming a playlist playback
Music: all ARCLibrary categories were empty after playing a Web Radio station
Music: Background Audio Player was stopped when opening a Flash SWF file
Music: when finding the next track in a playlist, skip over up to 10 non-existing tracks before giving up
Music: when starting a playlist and the track doesn’t exist, don’t stop current audio but mark the track as deleted in the playlist
Video: Search feature was not usable with Remote control
Web Radio & TV: Search feature was not usable with Remote control
Web Browser: Map area was reduced too much on
MediaClub: Remote control Back button didn’t perform back in history
Contacts: Searching for contacts sometimes returned unexpected results
Contacts: Search could not be used with the Remote control
TV Control: Satellite category stopped after the letter “M”
TV Control: Infrared Emitter used to freeze the device if it had been in Suspend mode before
DVR: Device freezed when removing DVR Snap-on while in CamCorder
FM remote: after a FM recording, the volume slider was not updated anymore when changing the volume
FM remote: Don’t hide touch screen keys when FM remote keys are pressed
USB Host: Allow aborting PTP copy with Back or Home buttons (Back key on the IR Remote)
USB Host: There was a long delay without visual feedback before the File Browser is opened
USB Host: Trying to copy a file that already exists made the device reboot
GUI: Some texts were corrupted after quitting the Demo mode if a non latin font was selected
System: There were some artifacts visible on the screen with some pictures
System: USB transfer was very slow in recovery mode

You can discuss this firmware at

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