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Awesome funky Archos 5G video by SFR

Posted by Charbax on 19th November 2008

Archos just started the revolution releasing the Archos 5G in France with French carrier SFR.

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Archos 5G review by

Posted by Charbax on 19th November 2008

The Archos 5G is being released today in France by French carrier SFR. Check out‘s review (in French) at,8547.html

The price currently in France through the French carrier SFR is following:
249€ for the Archos 5G upfront payment with a 1-2 year “unlimited” HSDPA service contract ranging from 19-29€ per month. That includes unlimited access to 30 live TV channels, 1 movie and 5 song downloads per month.

Pricing and availability in other countries is to be announced soon.

Again, check this cool review in french at,8547.html

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Archos 5 for 1€ with mobile phone deal in France

Posted by Charbax on 19th November 2008

Things are getting pretty amazingly awesome in France these days in terms of deals coming for Archos 5 and Archos 5G products when you sign up for a year or more worth of carrier services.

Check this out:

You can get the Archos 5 60GB with the low cost Motorola Mofone F3 (but which has a really awesome E-Ink sceen) for just 1€ as long as you sign up for a least 1 year worth of 27,90€ or 2-year 22,90€ deal for 2 hour of talk time on French carrier Bouygues Telecom.

I’m saying this is pretty awesome and the possibillities are really getting to be huge. I’d say especially look forward to deals with the Archos 5G or Archos 5 with a HSDPA USB key as well as with a voice plan, perhaps even an ADSL plan as well. Making the deals a triple or a quadrule play deal. Where one monthly fee, which could still be reasonable, may let you use several SIM cards and several devices on the network and where you could be getting the Archos subsidized by a lot when signing that contract.

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Test of the FM Remote Control

Posted by Charbax on 19th November 2008 tests (in french) the pretty awesome $29 FM Remote Control accessory at

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