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Archos 5 firmware update 1.1.01 released

Posted by Charbax on October 28th, 2008

Version 1.1.01 – October 28th, 2008


System: Use suspend mode for faster start-up (One can still perform full shutdown by pressing ON/OFF button for 4 seconds)

Accessories: FM Remote supported (

Video: Can now play H264 and AAC codecs in FLV streams (Plug-ins required)

Web: On TV, the page scrolls when moving the mouse to the top or the bottom of the screen

Virtual Keyboard: Can do Caps Lock with a second click on “Shift”

GUI: Full Screen Clock is now displayed only when in Standby or in the Home Screen

Bug fixes:

Music: Resume was not working with FLAC files

Music: There were some audio drop-outs with high-bitrate FLAC files

Music: The download pause/resume menu was not consistent with the actual download state

Video: Resume was not available after quitting the player using the Home button

Video: Sometimes video playback was not possible after using the photo viewer

Video: Sometimes the video search was very slow

Video: The device could reboot when playing a video after browsing the web

Video: The device could reboot when using “Switch to Adult” in the video browser

Web: Remote Control BACK button performed “Quit” instead of “Back”

Web: Predefined Yahoo search was not working

GUI: the list of scheduled programs was not correctly refreshed when scrolling

GUI: Background music was stopped when entering Tools>Settings>Appearance and Tools>Help

GUI: The MacOS hidden files were not ignored in the wallpaper selection

GUI: Registration and Online Firmware Update could conflict at first use

GUI: There were possible conflicts between Scheduled Recordings and Security Code request

GUI: There were possible conflicts between Alarm Clock and Security Code request

System: TV display was sometimes all pink when using HDMI output with Analog-out audio output

System: Wifi region was sometimes not right, which could make channels 12 and 13 unusable

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