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Archos 5 browser is much faster then the iPhone and N810

Posted by Charbax on 13th October 2008

Pocketables did some comparative testing of the Archos 5 web browser with the other main competitors that are Apple iPhone 3G and the Nokia N810:

They conclude that the Archos 5 browser is at least double as fast as the iPhone and N810 browser on many different types of websites.

Archos 5 browser support most AJAX and Flash contents which are very present on most websites.

Archos 5 provides 25% larger screen size then the Nokia 810 and double the amount of screen size compared to the iPhone. 2.5x the amount of pixels compared to the iPhone. All that in about the same footprint:
Archos 5 vs the nokia n810 and the apple iphone

One thing that I think would be great for Archos to add in the web browser, is a scrolling momentum flick effect just like it currently has in other sections of the interface, such as currently when browsing long lists of files.

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Archos 5 firmware 1.0.87 fixes bugs and adds Ogg and Flac codecs support

Posted by Charbax on 13th October 2008

Archos just released this awesome firmware version 1.0.87 at

It fixes the WiFi disconnect bug, a few other bugs and ads Ogg and Flac audio codecs support which is awesome!

Version 1.0.87 – October 13th, 2008

New features:
Music: Can now play OGG/FLAC files
Music: improved battery autonomy during music playback
System: Improved USB speed
Video/Web: Can now play Flash (VP6) and MPEG-2 videos with resolution up to 800×576
Accessories: Helmet Cam supported
PDF: Can now create Home Shortcuts from the PDF browser

Bug fixes:
System: Wifi was hanging after some random time
System: USB host (PTP mode) connection was not always working
Video: Image was not always centered on the screen
Video Recording: Sometimes video preview was stuttering after a while
Video Recording: Default settings were not always taken into account
Web: Improved image quality for analog TV output (PAL & NTSC)
Media Club: Fixed zoom mode in HDMI 720p
Media Club: Resume was not working in the download manager
PDF: Fixed many user interface bugs, especially in TV out
GUI: Wallpaper was not centered in TV output mode
GUI: The device could hang when exiting the TV Control screen after the EPG setup
GUI: The device could reboot when deleting an opera widget
GUI: Caps Lock state on keyboard changed too quickly on long press

You can discuss this firmware update at

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