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Roylovelock’s first thoughts on the Archos 5 120GB with firmware 1.0.76

Posted by roylovelock on 7th October 2008

Recieved mine today, im totally shocked at this player – its outstanding imho.

Ok its still buggy, but usuable.
Things that have stuck me as really good are -
1 – ablity to lock the player with a pin number, so if you lose it and have important data / photos etc they wont fall into the wrong hand (god forbid)
2 – searches of files especially audio is fantastic, i really cant fault the layout here. it allows you to search any keyword, ie iron maiden, or – aces high will highlight the same song as long as your tags are correct.
3- wifi is defo better than the 605 for signal strength and quality. it does crash often atm but with a firmware upgrade this will be much better than the 605. the connection time is far quicker and the range seems much better as well, other have reported different but my tests have proved it is a better reciever (or better placed). i tested a file streaming from my wifi network and the signal was still on about 40 yards away from my house, the 605 had long since disconnected at about 15yards.
4 – web browser ROCKS! its on par with my pc, downloading and viewing flash videos is dead easy and fast. they have now included an back button on the top which makes it much easier to use.
5 – that screen – omg omg OMG, even my mrs who isnt really into gadgets has said she wants one – well shes not having mine lol.
6 – custom front screen tabs / links. i have and use 100s gbs of audiobooks and this little simple feature has made searching though my audiobooks on the player 1000x easier and quicker. it will even show a image of any art in the files on the main screen. im thinking of making one up for this shortcut. im gong to add a shortcut for tv programs as well now so i can access them directly from the front screen
7 – the touch screen is very accurate, even with my sausage fingures, i was ready to use my stylus from my 605 but havent picked it up once.
8 – video playback is stunning to say the least, i can now see what people were saying about previous models being grainy, the screen is so sharp (ive already said that lol). but anyone who didnt like the grainy effect the touch screen had on previous models will be pleased with the new screen on this machine.
9 – no more glaring lights on the player, this was one of my annoyances of older machines, the leds used be pretty damn bright, at night in a dark room they could really draw your attention especially when hard drives spin up, the version i have (120gb) has no hard drive light, just a charge and power light that is out of sight when looking straight on.
10 – build quailty, i know im gona get flamed here, but im sorry the build quality is superb on this player, it feels solid in the hand, the buttons feel good quality and even the usb lead is fully shielded with metal – previous usb leads only had metal clips and the rest were plastic, the new type has the locating pin horizontal so it feels a lot more solid in the player and wont be so easily knocked out when wear starts occuring. the discolouring of the paint is something ive not witnessed yet but its early days, i suspect this my only be very early runs though.

I do have a couple of things i dont like about the player, but they are nothing in comparison to the postives.
1- non user replaceable cells again – got used to this by now
2- this is the biggie for me personally, after owning the g4 g5 and now the 5 ive got docks, portable docks coming out of my ears, i just wished archos made them all cross generation compatible. 
3- lack of normal buttons, but i think this is me being a bit old fashioned. the touch screen does a fantastic job and the buttons are not really needed, but.. i hope they do finally release the remote, i can see it getting rather annoying having to remove the player each time i want to pause etc – with buttons you eventually felt your way around.
4- usb only charging, yes i know i could always buy a dock, and i will, but i want the battery dock nothing less so i have to wait until its ready. the inital charge takes forever, mine was on charge for about 16 hours and its still not fully charged. this is because the battery needs conditioning thus the extra time. this will also be a non issue when all the extras are finally released. 
5- another non issue really, but i would have made use of a little padded case to use until the good quality cases are avalible. ive got to find my 605 padded case now.

Over all this is a powerfull fantastic piece of kit, being beta its buggy but these will eventually be ironed out. well worth the upgrade even from the 605. I can see this player being much more capable in a few short months, i think we will also see many extra features arrive as well. archos have outdone themselves with this range imho.

this is what ive gathered from the couple of hours use ive had so far, its not anything but a users first take on things. im sure as time goes on i will find more likes and dislikes.

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