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Archos 5 improvements over the 605 WiFi

Posted by Charbax on September 25th, 2008

Just to reiterate the main points, here are the main improvements of the Archos 5 over the Archos 605 WiFi:

- Bigger better screen (25% larger, brighter, better)

- Faster better processor (with up to 1280×720 HD video resolution support and HDMI output)

- More storage (up to 250GB now, up to 500GB later)

- Better connectivity (HSDPA built-in or using Dongle)

- Better design

- Better accessories (DVB-T tuner, FM remote control, USB Keyboard/Mouse, HDMI output…)

- Web-browser and WebTV and WebRadio plugins now included for free ($50/50€ value)

Current advantages of 605 WiFi:

- You can get the 605 WiFi 4GB starting at around $150/150€ and the 30GB at $200/200€ which is really cheap and good value (use in the USA and in Europe for the best pricing)

- The 605 WiFi is about 60-40gr lighter in weight (consider the new one has a 25% larger screen, double the storage and a heavier more metallic case design)

- You might also find cheaper accessories for the 605 WiFi such as around $50 for the DVR Station

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