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Archos 5 improvements over the 605 WiFi

Posted by Charbax on 25th September 2008

Just to reiterate the main points, here are the main improvements of the Archos 5 over the Archos 605 WiFi:

- Bigger better screen (25% larger, brighter, better)

- Faster better processor (with up to 1280×720 HD video resolution support and HDMI output)

- More storage (up to 250GB now, up to 500GB later)

- Better connectivity (HSDPA built-in or using Dongle)

- Better design

- Better accessories (DVB-T tuner, FM remote control, USB Keyboard/Mouse, HDMI output…)

- Web-browser and WebTV and WebRadio plugins now included for free ($50/50€ value)

Current advantages of 605 WiFi:

- You can get the 605 WiFi 4GB starting at around $150/150€ and the 30GB at $200/200€ which is really cheap and good value (use in the USA and in Europe for the best pricing)

- The 605 WiFi is about 60-40gr lighter in weight (consider the new one has a 25% larger screen, double the storage and a heavier more metallic case design)

- You might also find cheaper accessories for the 605 WiFi such as around $50 for the DVR Station

You can discuss this at

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Archos 5G announcements by SFR in France coming soon

Posted by Charbax on 25th September 2008

This photo was posted at,8372.html

The release of the Archos 5G 30GB by SFR, the second largest carrier in France, should give us great clues about the possible similar pricing that other carriers in other markets in other countries around the world might also partner with Archos to subsidize the purchase cost of the Archos 5G with or without the DVR Station with 30GB with more or less other storage options. SFR are also expected to announce their new marketing strategies on monday according to,8370.html, which may also include the official launch of this product.

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