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Archos 5 with voice functionality a “possibillity”

Posted by Charbax on September 19th, 2008

Tony Limrick, Archos Marketing Director for Northern Europe “hasn’t seen any prototypes” but he “does not rule out” that an Archos 5G could get voice functionalities in it, or that a special version with phone functionalities one day become available.

Check out this nice cool article at–467505

I speculate that the Archos 5 and Archos 5G hardware should be able to support SIP and Skype based voice functionalities while using the upcoming FM Remote Control accessory which has a built-in microphone. This could possibly happen at some point in the next 2-3 months once the first carriers launch and announce their release of the Archos 5G to their customers and to attract new customers on their HSDPA networks. Those carriers, I think, could encourage or ask Archos to provide some nice VOIP and IM applications on the Device in a new firmware upgrade under the Internet icon of the Interface.

The Archos 5G would not have to wake up from suspended mode on incoming VOIP and IM calls, but if it could, it would make the functionality even more interesting. With true VOIP incoming call wake-up functionality, this could make people throw out their old mobile phones and thus Archos could accelerate the big move to data-centric business models only.

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