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Archos 5 Firmware 1.0.76 beta released

Posted by Charbax on September 19th, 2008

Version 1.0.76 – September 19th, 2008 available at

Bug fixes:

Fixed Video Recording

Music: Fixed audio drop-outs during playback

Music: Fixed File Info not correct in UPnP mode

Video: Fixed support for certain H264 and MPEG1 files

Video: Fixed WebTV search

Photo: Fixed some green lines at the right side of some JPEG pictures

Photo: Fixed picture display and zooming was slow if launched from the file browser

Photo: Fixed support for certain JPEG pictures

Photo: Fixed picture zoom sometimes hanged

Web: Improved overal stability

Web: Fixed javascript for and HotmailClassic compatibility

Email: fixed attachment save

Email: added sorting feature

Games: Fixed some PlayinTV games made the unit crash after several start/stop cycles

Wifi: Fixed could not list/connect to Wifi Access Point with hidden SSID

Minidock: Image quality with the MiniDock in NTSC mode has been improved

Minidock: Keep speaker on if plugged to a minidock but still display on LCD

Tools: Fixed USB Host instability

Tools: Now possible to cancel/interrupt a file copy

TV out: Fixed flicker on LCD after using TV out (flicker could persist for 24h then)

TV out: Fixed crashing after standby/wake-up on TV

User Interface: Fixed Chinese (pinjin) and Russian virtual keyboard on TV

User Interface: some screens adapted to work better with the infrared remote control on TV

User interface: some polishing everywhere

You can discuss this firmware update at and in the Chat:

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