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Cnet review coming up…

Posted by Charbax on 9th September 2008

Donald Bell at Cnet just received an Archos 5 60GB that he is going to review shortly at

Archos 5 purse

I think he is saying a couple things that I don’t really think are correct:

- While the new Archos 5 glossy screen is more prone to fingerprints and smudge marks then the Archos 605 WiFi matte screen, it’s still more viewable in direct sunlight and outdoors then the Archos 605 WiFi screen.

- The Archos 5 does look like a million bucks all the time. That smudge thing is overrated, people don’t look at the back of the device, they look at the screen, and this screen is pure awesome.

- His guessing about iPod Touch screen being more scratch resistant is unscientific.

- He misses the button hold switch, however it could happen that the Power button could be configured to be used as a button hold switch. For example Archos could probably implement 1 click on Power button to Hold and it turns off the screen until it is pushed again (saving battery). Two quick presses on Power button, or one longer press on power button (like holding it in for 2 seconds) could put the device in standby mode (it would also go automatically into standby mode if nothing is going on for a certain amount of seconds while in Hold mode), while an even longer hold on the button (could be 5 seconds) or 3 quick clicks on the power button could then do a complete power down.

I will ask Archos what their exact plan is with the Hold functionality, since the firmware is still in a beta version and that the standby/resume from suspended mode are not yet implemented. They already use one small click on power button to come back from the Hold mode. So no reason I think that it shouldn’t also let you go into Hold mode. At least let the user choose if they want to be able to use it for that.

- Donald Bell at Cnet might not know that the 120GB and 250GB models have the audio output mini jack connector located at another position on the device. It is an electronics and interference issue for Archos where to put it on a device, it comes down to hard drive size and placement of the other electronics. Also, the placement of the mini-jack connector doesn’t matter if you are going to be using the FM Remote Control.

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Archos 5 review – Part 3: Browsing

Posted by Charbax on 9th September 2008

Showing the speed and compatibility of the Opera browser in this Archos 5 product that is being released right now. It has a 4 times faster ARM Cortex processor by Texas Instruments, which significantly increases the browsing experience making this a full Internet Media Tablet experience. In this video review I am showing and testing many different graphics heavy websites.

The intro music is by and it is used with permission.

Archos 5 120GB review part 3

DivX HD 1280×720 3.5mbit/s: Play, Download (206mb)
DivX SD 640×360 1.2mbit/s: Play, Download (74mb)

Flash versions: Dailymotion, Viddler, Blip, Sumo, Google, Yahoo, Metacafe, Vsocial, Youtube, Revver, Vimeo

You can discuss this video at

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