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KING X and chinchu review the Archos 5 on Youtube

Posted by Charbax on 29th September 2008

Posted by KING X at

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Stuff Magazine gives Archos 5 a 5 star rating

Posted by Charbax on 28th September 2008

For now the french version of the Stuff Magazine article is available at,8382.html

Basically they are saying that it’s perfect, and I think they are right.

The hardware is perfect I think, now all they need is to fix the few remaining bugs in the firmware and start adding new software features such as Android applications support (once Android OS is open sourced) and VOIP using an external microphone such as the one on the $29 FM remote control.

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Don Reisinger Digital Home Cnet video review

Posted by Charbax on 27th September 2008

This guy knows what he is talking about:

Posted at

He’s asking for slightly smoother Web Browser and Email Client in firmware udpates, which I think Archos will do as well.. Not sure why he has problems with the keyboard though, I don’t really have any problems with it. Though I am looking forward to USB keyboard support so that I can use my Foldable USB keyboards for full laptop-like productivity:

Fellowes Stowaway Foldable USB Keyboard

Or some other even more compact foldable USB keyboards that might be available:

You can discuss the foldable keyboard solutions at

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Review on

Posted by Charbax on 26th September 2008

Following review has been posted:

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Reviews on, and

Posted by Charbax on 26th September 2008

Following reviews have been posted:

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Archos 5 improvements over the 605 WiFi

Posted by Charbax on 25th September 2008

Just to reiterate the main points, here are the main improvements of the Archos 5 over the Archos 605 WiFi:

- Bigger better screen (25% larger, brighter, better)

- Faster better processor (with up to 1280×720 HD video resolution support and HDMI output)

- More storage (up to 250GB now, up to 500GB later)

- Better connectivity (HSDPA built-in or using Dongle)

- Better design

- Better accessories (DVB-T tuner, FM remote control, USB Keyboard/Mouse, HDMI output…)

- Web-browser and WebTV and WebRadio plugins now included for free ($50/50€ value)

Current advantages of 605 WiFi:

- You can get the 605 WiFi 4GB starting at around $150/150€ and the 30GB at $200/200€ which is really cheap and good value (use in the USA and in Europe for the best pricing)

- The 605 WiFi is about 60-40gr lighter in weight (consider the new one has a 25% larger screen, double the storage and a heavier more metallic case design)

- You might also find cheaper accessories for the 605 WiFi such as around $50 for the DVR Station

You can discuss this at

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Archos 5G announcements by SFR in France coming soon

Posted by Charbax on 25th September 2008

This photo was posted at,8372.html

The release of the Archos 5G 30GB by SFR, the second largest carrier in France, should give us great clues about the possible similar pricing that other carriers in other markets in other countries around the world might also partner with Archos to subsidize the purchase cost of the Archos 5G with or without the DVR Station with 30GB with more or less other storage options. SFR are also expected to announce their new marketing strategies on monday according to,8370.html, which may also include the official launch of this product.

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Archos 5 Firmware 1.0.76 beta released

Posted by Charbax on 19th September 2008

Version 1.0.76 – September 19th, 2008 available at

Bug fixes:

Fixed Video Recording

Music: Fixed audio drop-outs during playback

Music: Fixed File Info not correct in UPnP mode

Video: Fixed support for certain H264 and MPEG1 files

Video: Fixed WebTV search

Photo: Fixed some green lines at the right side of some JPEG pictures

Photo: Fixed picture display and zooming was slow if launched from the file browser

Photo: Fixed support for certain JPEG pictures

Photo: Fixed picture zoom sometimes hanged

Web: Improved overal stability

Web: Fixed javascript for and HotmailClassic compatibility

Email: fixed attachment save

Email: added sorting feature

Games: Fixed some PlayinTV games made the unit crash after several start/stop cycles

Wifi: Fixed could not list/connect to Wifi Access Point with hidden SSID

Minidock: Image quality with the MiniDock in NTSC mode has been improved

Minidock: Keep speaker on if plugged to a minidock but still display on LCD

Tools: Fixed USB Host instability

Tools: Now possible to cancel/interrupt a file copy

TV out: Fixed flicker on LCD after using TV out (flicker could persist for 24h then)

TV out: Fixed crashing after standby/wake-up on TV

User Interface: Fixed Chinese (pinjin) and Russian virtual keyboard on TV

User Interface: some screens adapted to work better with the infrared remote control on TV

User interface: some polishing everywhere

You can discuss this firmware update at and in the Chat:

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Archos 5 with voice functionality a “possibillity”

Posted by Charbax on 19th September 2008

Tony Limrick, Archos Marketing Director for Northern Europe “hasn’t seen any prototypes” but he “does not rule out” that an Archos 5G could get voice functionalities in it, or that a special version with phone functionalities one day become available.

Check out this nice cool article at–467505

I speculate that the Archos 5 and Archos 5G hardware should be able to support SIP and Skype based voice functionalities while using the upcoming FM Remote Control accessory which has a built-in microphone. This could possibly happen at some point in the next 2-3 months once the first carriers launch and announce their release of the Archos 5G to their customers and to attract new customers on their HSDPA networks. Those carriers, I think, could encourage or ask Archos to provide some nice VOIP and IM applications on the Device in a new firmware upgrade under the Internet icon of the Interface.

The Archos 5G would not have to wake up from suspended mode on incoming VOIP and IM calls, but if it could, it would make the functionality even more interesting. With true VOIP incoming call wake-up functionality, this could make people throw out their old mobile phones and thus Archos could accelerate the big move to data-centric business models only.

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Archos 5 review – Part 5: Archos 5 vs. the iPhone

Posted by Charbax on 19th September 2008

Archos 5 is much better then the iPhone. In this video, I am showing the differences in features and talking about them. The Archos 5 has a much bigger and better screen, browses the Internet faster and better and comes with much more storage for a cheaper price. Those are just some of the main differences.

Archos 5 review Part 5: versus the iPhone 3G

DivX HD 1280×720 3.5mbit/s: PlayDownload (58mb)

Flash versions: Sumo, Dailymotion, Blip, Google, Viddler, Yahoo, Vsocial, Metacafe, Vimeo, Youtube, Revver

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