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ArchosCast in French episode 12

Posted by Charbax on 23rd February 2008

I’m on the ArchosCast episode 12 available at:,7882.html

With Yves, Thocan, iMike and N@styatak we talk about the latest Archos news, rumors, HSDPA, HD, open-source SDK possibillity, Flash support and more.

But it’s in French.

Sometime soon we should organize an English speaking Archos podcast on this site.

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Archos Gen6

Posted by Charbax on 15th February 2008

Just a bunch of fun logos…

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Archos signs a deal with french HSDPA provider SFR

Posted by Charbax on 12th February 2008

Imagine having ubiquituous wireless broadband connection to your Archos, streaming videos from anywhere not only on WiFi hotspots, integrated Voice-over-IP, an open applications platform (perhaps with some Google Android compatibillity), remote personal video recorder program guide control and ArchosLink synchronisation, instant global access to all the music of the world streaming through a service like unlimited (currently available ad-supported in the USA, UK and Germany), full ubiquituous access to the Archos Content Portal, to your personal collection of files stored on your personal server or on a p2p file storage service such as

This is not to be available yet, and Archos doesn’t seem to have a device they want to show yet. But the deal is now signed with the first HSDPA 3G+ provider to cover all Archos HSDPA consumers in France. HSDPA 3G+ providers in other countries could come next: Three? Deutshe Telekom? Telefonica? Swisscom? Vodafone?.. Consider the partner could appeal to HSDPA providers who did not sign with Apple yet, who would be seeking a better hardware and business model alternative…

So far, the official date is “before the end of 2008″. This could mean that the product starts to be unveiled soon, and released later, so the unveiling could perhaps come a bit before an eventual 3G iPhone release, by the time Google Android, Sony Ericsson’s Xperia and Nokia’s successor to the N810 are going to be released later this year.

A HSDPA Dock for the Gen 5 is not mentionned by Archos so far, but it would be nice, so that Gen 5 owners can get access to the ubiquituous multimedia in the pocket experience. VOIP was not mentionned eigther, and eventual subsidy of the hardware cost for content and data service subscriptions can only be assumed will be part of this deal.

Archos has not yet released many of the features of the Archos Gen 5 wishlist: Such promised features as the HD Plugin, Webradios and the FM Remote Control are still expected by the Archos Gen 5 Fans. And an open SDK policy by Archos as a reaction to the hacking activity would be a nice move by Archos if they have got the ressources to bring all these things to the already released product generations. So we are still waiting for official announcements and actions by Archos on these features.


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Archos TV+ launched in the UK

Posted by Charbax on 11th February 2008

You can discuss about the Archos TV+ in the forum:

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Archos 405 30GB released

Posted by Charbax on 8th February 2008

It should be available during March for $199 in the USA and 199€ in Europe (including VAT taxes).

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