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Moovyplay commercial

Posted by Charbax on December 10th, 2007

Archos is now launching the Moovyplay together with CPFK in France. Which is a $100 40GB PMP without the screen and the battery. It also does not include video recording on the TV Dock, nor Internet browsing or playing own media files. This one also seems to have a special ultra fast speed proprietary connector. The way it works is like this:

- All video rental stores participating, for now hundreds in France, soon it will be up to over 2000 video rental stores in France, they each have a movie server with an unlimited amount of movies, currently over a thousand a digitized and made available on the 4 terrabytes of a movie server.

- The customer prepares at home his wish-list of up to 40 films which he would like to be on his Moovyplay. All the requested films are transfered by the clerk in the movie rental store, who can charge up to 5 Moovyplays at the same time per server at full more than 440mbit/s.

- The customer does not need to pay in advance. The payment can be done by a customer account which can be refilled over the Internet and activation of the movies can be done instantly over an SMS code.

- Thus now movie rental stores can have unlimited amount of choice, currently only limited by agreements that CPFK is working on with all the major movie studios. So in principle there could be a choice among more than 10 thousand movies. There is no need to return the movie to the store after it is watched. The system includes a ratings and recommendations system and trailers for hundreds of movies are preloaded. Currently the rent of a movie costs 4€ and the movie can be viewed during 48 hours after the play button has been pressed with the verification code.

- Initial pilots accross France have been quite successful according to initial reports. The initial goal is to ship 20 thousand Moovyplay units within a few weeks in quantities of hundreds per rental store. Initial price is 149€ including 5 movie rentals or for 7€ per month during 24 months.

Here is a video review of the device by GenerationMp3:

This product can probably be available in other countries in Europe and in the USA quite soon, all that is required is that other video rental franchises make an aggrement with Archos and CPFK to launch it worldwide. Hopefully Blockbuster is tempted. This is to be thought of an alternative to Video-On-Demand, it is to be thought as an alternative to online movie piracy. The goal being to provide as many good films as possible to everyone with as little bother as possible. You can’t load 40 films in 5 minutes over BitTorrent. With this, you just need one trip down to your local video-store. And this system will also be available in automated Moovyplay server machines which will be installed in supermarkets, kiosks and even in the streets to be available 24 hours. Currently the Generation5 is not compatible with the Moovyplay system. Perhaps the proprietary new connector is not compatible and perhaps it doesn’t work with USB transfers. This is thought of as the replacement for the DVD player and the DVD as a transitional solution until everyone has networks to support video-on-demand.

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