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Archos should provide an overlay social network

Posted by Charbax on 7th December 2007

Right now, the Archos 5th generation has the hugest potential of any consumer electronics out there. For sure the momentum is probably growing these days while more and more people are discovering the proposition. And the Archos Content Portal certainly provides huge opportunities to any of the partners that want to provide good content on it at good prices.

The streaming videos currently are launched from the browser, currently by clicking on links to videos in any format such as .avi, .wmv, .mp4, .m4v, .mov and .flv and currently only embedded .flv using up to Flash 7 video such as Youtube, Dailymotion and Google Video work just fine. Archos should add recognition of embedded .avi, .wmv and .mov to launch those formats just as it currently launches .flv such as when the embedded .flv is detected on a Youtube page.

What Archos should provide as well is a special markup language for features to work overlayed on top of the videos. Such things as chatting with other users that are watching the same video or that are in a same channel, rating of videos, changing certain viewing preferences such as choosing keywords, tags, channels, sources, formats. The rating of videos should provide a personalized video experience based on the world wide webs content available in the compatible formats. The searching technology could just be based on Google video search in the background, but also with a layer of proprietary ratings, recommendations and social networking engine.

The Archos plays Flash video from Youtube wonderfully, even though that is a bit lower than standard definition TV broadcasts, it is very watchable even on a big screen TV. The problem currently is that all those millions of Youtube videos aren’t fast and easy enough to access on the Archos Gen5. Not only because there isn’t yet a section in the Archos Content Portal with the full optimized access to Youtube through HTML and Javascript interfaces, there also isn’t yet an automated streaming web video playlist manager.

One should be able to type in a few keywords, search queries and have all the Youtube search results play one after the other automatically, without having to load any HTML pages between videos. Overlayed on top of the video should be the features such as logged-in Ratings, comments, Add to favorites and Add to playlist features. As well as a Skip button to go directly to the next video. Such a feature as the webradio, there should be a Love and a Ban button for each video. So out of this data, Archos should be able to generate a personalized laid back Internet video experiences for each user.

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Video of the Payin’Tv Games

Posted by Charbax on 7th December 2007

Posted by Julmaster

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